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Best Resources for GP Students

A Graded Sample/Model Essays

The A Graded Essays from Cambridge University are the best resources an A level student can have. Fortunately, I have collected and published 5 of them. Although few in number, these essays are exemplary essays provided directly by CIE and hence there is no compromise in quality.  Therefore, I recommend all the General Paper students to read all these essays at least once. Revising them just before the exam can set a good mood for you to write good essays.

Comments from CIE

Cambridge Examiners have provided not only the A graded essays but also the comments on each of them. They have evaluated every paragraph of these essays and have provided feedback such as, which aspect of the student is good and which isn't, what the student missed and what he could have included and so on. So do not forget to read these comments. They are kept in a separate page to help you read the essays and comments side by side. You can read a paragraph of an essay and switch immediately to read its comment in a new tab or window with this feature.

Here are the links to these invaluable essays; a link to the comments is provided in their respective essay pages. I hope you will benefit a lot from these essays and comments.

  1. Discuss the arguments for and against vegetarianism.

  2. What are the consequences of the break-up of family life in many countries today?

  3. Would it be advantageous if all the people throughout the world could speak one common language?

  4. Should society punish criminals more harshly?

  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of banning smoking in public places?

Happy Readings!!!

PS: Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciable.


  1. Terrific article, had no difficulties reading this!

  2. I want to reaf model essays on the topic cinema or cinematic power! Prem Gaire can you please guide me about which past year topics should i read?


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