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Examiner Report: How can you benefit from it?

Like mark scheme, examiner report is a great resource for General Paper students. In this post, I will try to explain you what kind of benefits you can get from it.

What is Examiner Report?

After checking all the copies, the examiners hold a meeting and discuss about the performance of students in overall in a given exams. Summarising the discussions they prepare a report which is called as Examiner Report. Therefore, this report contains the problems faced by students in the use of English, content and passage of General Paper 8001. And provides solutions too. However, you have to be careful to choose the appropriate report based on your syllabus code, either 8001 or 8004 beforehand to ensure that you'll get what you expected. For example, you can't find the discussion on the questions of comprehension passage on the examiner report of GP 8004. You'll have to download the correct report including the correct syllabus code and correct year of the examination for that.

How can you benefit?

It provides you the guidelines based upon the mistakes made the students of previous batch. Below I have an extract from an Examiner Report of Oct/Nov 2010, exams to show you what types of suggestions you can get in examiner reports. These suggestions can be very helpful to you if you read them very carefully and understand the exact meaning delivered by them.

  • take time to read all questions very carefully before making your choice

  • scrutinise the wording of the chosen questions

  • If you are not absolutely sure of the precise meaning of the question, do not attempt it

  • do not write all you know about the topic - answer the question

  • prepare an essay plan which remains focused on the question as set

  • ensure the plan shows that you have sufficient/knowledge to meet the requirements of the question

  • check and edit the essay structure regarding introduction, main body and conclusion

  • illustrate your major points with appropriate examples (local/national/international)

  • leave enough time to check your work

  • ensure you have answered the question as set without superfluous digression

  • check your English systematically correcting any careless errors.
Source: Examiner Report, General Paper November 8004, Paper 12, Year: 2010

However, this is only a small extract from a much longer report whose size may make you feel bored but it's worth being bored. I suggest you to read it on a daily basis spending about half an hour each day and you'll improve a lot before your exams. That way, you won't feel much bored and the study will also be more effective.

This report outlines the areas where you are likely to make mistakes and thus, it will help you avoid such errors and score higher. There are content specific discussions as well. From these discussions you can know which questions were more popular in a given exam, what were the common mistakes made in each essays, which questions did the students understood well and which they didn't understand, and many more things. However, to learn about these question specific matters you need to have a question paper of that specific session ready on your hand for reference because the report contains the question number only.

It can provide you guidance on Paper 2 of General Paper 8001

I didn't appear for 8001 syllabus. As a result I don't have much idea about it and I don't talk about it quite often in my blogs too. However, with examiner reports in your hand you can get the guidance much better than if I had tried to give my own. There are question specific discussions as well and you'll come to know what the examiners are looking for when they check your copies. You'll  get to know what type of mistakes were made by the students in the preceding sessions and how could they have corrected that. This part is very important because a single error can occur repetitively in multiple places if the error is related to language, i.e., English. There you'll get most of those probable mistakes and if you avoid these mistakes then your answers will be better and you'll score better marks. Therefore, it is a must read resource for GP students.

Read more reports for better results

The examiner reports are based on specific examination sessions and you can them in an abundant quantity. Although you will get certain important points repeated, each report is unique and have potential to provide you new concepts and ideas. Therefore, don't confine or limit yourself by reading only one report. Search and read as many of them as you can for best results. I suggest you to read at least two of them.

What if you are studying General Paper of a different board?

If your examination board is different from CIE then I suggest you to seek out the materials provided by that board. Probably they too produce similar reports. If they don't have such materials then read these materials from CIE board itself, because the resources from CIE are excellent and it will help you in many ways, including your usage of English.

If you have any queries or suggestions, then you are welcome to drop them down in the comment box below.

I would like to end this post with this heart-touching quote:
"The difference between dreaming and winning: Dreaming needs effortless sleep; Winning needs sleepless effort."
Source: Unknown. If you know please tell me in the comments below.

I suggest you to both dream and put effort on your work. In my opinion, a balanced path will be much more fun and rewarding.

Update: The instructions about how and where to download the examiner reports and other materials are given at the External Resources page.


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