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GP Essays Topic-Wise!

"I need all GP essays topic wise. Where can I get them? Please help!"
I have heard this type of questions quite often and I imagine that there are many others who would be grateful if they got an answer to this. Unfortunately, you can't get "ALL" the GP essays "TOPIC WISE" or "CHAPTER WISE" (although I have included links to more than enough essays below), but fortunately, you don't need to read too many essays.

First, tell me how many essays can you read?

It is easier to demand more essays. However, when it is  the time to read them most of the students find reasons not to. I too didn't read many essays and didn't work hard when I was doing my A levels. That said, I am not trying to discourage those sincere students who work extra-hard to prepare well for the subject. However, I only want to say that majority of the students would find it very difficult to read (ssh! I am also in that category). So, in that condition would it be appropriate to ask for a lot of essays?

My suggestion: Go for Quality!

I strongly believe in quality over quantity. Rather than reading a lot of randomly written essays it is better to read a few but good (qualitative) essays. That's why my first recommendation are the GP essays provided by Cambridge itself as the Sample Essays. These essays scored grade A in the CIE examinations itself. Furthermore, they come along with the comments from the examiners which can help you to know what the examiners expect in your answers. Therefore, I have been suggesting and will be suggesting every A level student to read these essays first. There are 5 such essays in my website itself and you can view them here if you haven't already read them. You can ask for more with your GP instructors because these essays are made available to the teachers by CIE using a password-protected account, directly from their official website. So, your GP teachers can provide you more of these kinds of essays and these should be your first priority.

Want More?

If you have finished reading all those essays there and still want more, then now you can move to other sources. Here are my recommended sources.

  1. I have published many essays of my own, apart from the 5 sample essays I discussed above. Though not perfect, they comply to the basic rules of writing a GP essay and they will provide you some knowledge on the topic discussed.

  2. There's a website which contains, not all but many, essays topic-wise at this link. Although lengthier, these essays can give you orientation on the style of GP essays. However, don't start your essays with phrase like "Yes, I agree to this topic" as I noticed in one of the essays there. There's a risk and there are some mistakes as well but these can be good examples for you and you will be benefited to some extent.

  3. Here's a very prolific site for GP essays. There are a list of GP essays there but I doubt in the quality. I haven't read all of them so I can't say they aren't good but when I read one of them I didn't get the good impression. Again, I think the contents of this site are same as #2, because I found more than 2 essays in both the sites matching.
Still Want More?

If you still want more essays even after reading all those listed above, then I'm sorry! However, I can give you a couple of suggestions. First, you can use Google to search more. It will surely display a lot of results for you including the aforementioned websites but cannot guarantee that you will get the desired number of essays. Second, share your essays among friends and read them. That way you can get a lot of essays to read (as many essays as the number of your friends). Plus, you can point out your friends' mistakes, help them to correct their essays and get feedback on your own essays too.

With this, I hope  your curiosity has been satisfied and you have understood what I meant! If you didn't then please give your opinions in the comments below. But for now, Cheers!! and you finished reading this boring article! (I really hope it isn't so, though.)


  1. reading it was indeed a great help. your efforts for helping us poor gp students are laudable. unfortunatley, i got to your site too late and am dying out of remorse, guilt and procastination. i had no idea this blog and the site existed all this time and i NEVER visited *sniff*. all i can now ask is :-
    do u have any last minute tips for gp essay writing?
    hope dis msg reaches to u before my gp exam due on monday. yikes

  2. Yes, I am planning to write a couple of posts. One tip that I can give you at this instant is to read one sample of Mark Scheme & Examiner Report each at least. From that you'll know a lot about Cambridge's way of grading and checking copies and that will help you avoid some common errors and know a lot more useful tips.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I cannot open the above link 'view them here'. Now what should I do?

    Also, is there essay on sucide in your blog?
    Thanks alot in advance. :)

    1. When I checked the link was working fine. Yet, I changed it to remove the redirection.

      Here, I've found two articles on suicide, one of which is essay:

      Essay on Suicide
      Article on suicide

      Hope this will help you out!


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