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Probable Questions for Oct/Nov 2011 Exams of General Paper

In this post I will be discussing about the issues likely to be discussed in the exams in Oct/Nov 2011. However, don't get too influenced by them since they are only my predictions solely based upon my own perspectives. This doesn't reflect the Cambridge way of setting questions.

1) Social networking sites

The tide of social networks should have slowed down by now but they haven't and instead the waves of such tides have just been triggered. I can say that because from the stepping in of an Internet Giant (company) Google in this area with its launch of Google+ which is compared with Facebook for its potential. Apart from Google+ and Facebook, there are many such networking sites and other smaller community sites in very large numbers which are still relevant for their usefulness.

2) Natural calamities and their unexpected consequences

The nuclear crisis resulted from a terrible earthquake in Japan attracted the attention of all the countries which were actively harnessing the nuclear energy for power. The earthquake and the tsunami that followed shortly were both devastating but given the big nature of the disaster the consequences it brought were not surprising. However, nobody had imagined that it would lead to a failure of a nuclear plant which was built compliant with its industry standards. This has alarmed that a calamity can bring unexpected consequences and that our current assumptions regarding safety are not adequate. The challenge now is that we should rethink about preventive measures and consider safety from such unexpected consequences too.

3) High unemployment problem in the USA

After the recession of 2007, the unemployment rate hasn't yet returned to normal in the US. The unemployment rate stands at around 9.1% in the September of 2011, according to the latest report of US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is very high compared to its average unemployment rate of 5.7% from 1948 until 2010.

While other developed nations like Germany and Japan have significantly reduced their unemployment rates, its still a problem in the US. So, the questions like what will be its long term impact in economic as well as political sector are key issues. While the US had been an all powerful country until now, what will be its future like is the concern of many.

4) The shifts in the technological world

The past 6 years have been revolutionary in the technological sector. Many new concepts emerged to replace the old concepts. The emerging "Mobile Computing" sector has seen a very rapid growth. With the launch of iPhone in 2007, the "smartphone" war began. This has ever since challenged the previously established beliefs and values in the field of computing and has continuously been revolutionizing the technological sector. Now, we can see clearly that the technological sector is heading towards the long-awaited "Artificial Intelligence" technology. With the manufacture of devices which can understand natural languages the technological companies which are in the forefront now like Apple, Google and Microsoft are heading towards making an all-purpose AI enabled device, which will be your "Mobile/Smart Phone" in the future. Also there are huge potentials that AI can be implemented on other types of devices like robots, computers and other kinds of machinery. So, technology is shifting from desktops to mobile devices and from dumb to intelligent devices.

5) Evolution of Photography and the digital art

In the area of art, photography is a burning topic. With the availability of abundant imaging devices and the improvement in the capabilities of the softwares to process the images to give desired effect to them, the importance of photography isn't decreasing but increasing. With the introduction of technologies like HDR, High Dynamic Range (Imaging & Post-processing), the photography is emerging as a digital form of art. The cameras are being more capable and the storage capacities of hard-disk, SD cards, etc are increasing which will enable the photographers to store the images of very high resolutions conveniently and without the need to worry about the size of images. Therefore, photography has a huge potential.

As a General Paper student you are expected to be aware about the recent happenings in the global world. These 5 topics I discussed are some "hot" topics nowadays as far as my knowledge is concerned. There is a possibility that the questions can be asked from these topics in your GP exam which is going to take place on October 17. Also I'm extremely sorry that I couldn't come up with this article earlier. I had been busy posting other articles too which were more necessary.


Although these are the topics which have a potential to be asked in exams, it is not all the way necessary. These topics are the outcomes of my perspective only and doesn't resemble in any way how the Cambridge board sets the questions that will be asked in the exams tomorrow.

Also if you don't have much knowledge on these areas I suggest you to not become disappointed because these are only my personal views although, knowing these facts and opinions will certainly help you to think broadly.

And probably this will be my last post before exams. So, best of luck to you all for your exams.


  1. what were the questions for oct'11 exams? do you have any idea?

  2. I don't think there's any way other than to wait for the CIE website to release them (question papers) officially.

    The candidates who appear for exams aren't allowed to take the questions with them.

  3. none of the questions came in that paper so useless

  4. I had made it clear that all these are just the guesses in the article itself. So, you shouldn't have relied upon them totally. I haven't even bothered to cross-check whether these questions were asked because that was so senseless. How can I expect these questions to come in the exams when I am so clear that these are simply my guesses only?

  5. ddesedeshneedeshneeMay 7, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    they were however good guesses because most probably they might come out in the upcoming years

  6. Thanks for your optimistic response. Guesswork means something that is uncertain. So, it is quite normal for the guesses to go wrong.

    Moreover, I have made it clear within the article that these are just the guesses. So, I think the students shouldn't expect the same questions to be asked in exams.


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