Monday, November 14, 2011

When and how to prepare for General Paper?

I recommend you to start preparing for General Paper right from the beginning of your course. Since GP is AS Level discipline, you are expected to attend classes only for 1 year. However, you get to study for whole two years if you are from Nepal. What you should understand is that, still after the two year course the GP result in average is not good in Nepal. Why? Because of problems with English as it is a second language for us. Not only us but all the international students whose native language isn’t English face similar problem. And language is not the only concern of GP; you should be good at content as well. Therefore, you should begin preparing for your General Paper right from the beginning of your Advanced Level (A Level) course if not sooner.

However, by saying that I don’t mean you should start mugging up, right away, the grammar rules and vocabularies for language and facts, examples, and statistics for content of your GP essays. That way you will end up being bored and fed up. So, just be gentle in learning and a (very) dedicated study of 1 hour daily is more than enough in my opinion. However, the good news is yet to come. So, don’t panic if you think 1 hour for GP is too much!

You might have wondered 1 hour for GP, and similarly for other subjects; Oh my God! I can’t do that. Don’t worry. The good news for you is that your study need not be GP focused. However, it should have some relation with General Paper and that’s it. For instance, you could study physics where you passionately read about the big bang theory. You are doing threesome task at once. You are in one way reading for Physics; you are indirectly improving your vocabulary and language skills; and at the same time you are gathering resources for your General Paper as well. Don’t you get questions from science and philosophy in your GP exams where you could fit in the example of big bang theory? So, you are preparing for Physics and General Paper both at the same time.

Another example for you if you are not convinced.

You can read newspaper for an hour in English and that’s fantastic, although not adequate, because you will get resources for both English (language/fluency) and Content. OP-ED sections in newspapers are excellent resources for opinion based (argumentative) essays because you can learn how to put forth your opinions and prove them by means of examples, facts and so on. At the same time, you can also learn the style of writing, that is, writing in a persuasive tone, from such articles. Here, you are collecting good resources for General Paper along with reading news and the opinions of others. So, in one way, you can prepare for General Paper anywhere and anytime.

Again your thorough study of your mainstream subjects can become a resource for a General Paper question on the topic related to that subject. Similarly, reading novels or reading articles on the areas of your interests such as music, sport, art, science, economics, history, etc also fall under the scope of GP and you’ll be doing at least two works at the same time. Only what you need to do is to read the matters you read in a very conscious manner so as not to forget them and so as to get some lesson from them. If you do so then you are actively pursuing your interest while preparing the contents for your GP essays and vice versa. This also means that when you are excitedly reading a review of the latest version of iPhone, it might be a resource (source of example, facts, or opinion) for your GP essays (related to technology).

In conclusion, make reading funny and more useful and you’ll become better at GP. So, begin now (or as soon as possible) the exciting journey of doing at least two tasks at the same time and get as much benefitted as you can.


  1. it is a very useful advice tyvm :)

  2. You are welcome ayushi! Thank you for your comments with compliments.

  3. thnx lots!its indeed helpful