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"Traditional arts and crafts not only provide work but also promote tourism." Justify

Traditional arts and crafts, which are a part of our culture, reflect our lifestyle. So, we should create, promote and maintain them for our future. However, manpower is essential to perform such tasks and thus some people get employment. This in turn, attracts more tourists from all over the world which again creates new set of employment opportunities because now the services and facilities needed for tourists are to be created and maintained. Once again, the availability of better services and facilities in a touristic place attracts even more number of tourists. Therefore, traditional arts and crafts provide work as well as promote tourism at the same time.

Every human being is fond of some form of arts, whether it may be in the form of singing and dancing, or painting and crafts and so on. Because of this reason, arts and crafts hold great importance for any nations for tourism and tourism based industries because it can provide work to people in many ways.

Firstly, the artists get an opportunity to express their arts, emotions and thoughts while earning money for their living. Traditionally various forms of art exist. These forms and methods of creating arts provide the artists with different techniques to express their feelings. The art forms such as Thanka painting of Tibet and Mithila Paintings of Janakpur of Nepal have a great historical background and aesthetic importance and they sell at a good price. In the same way, sculpture, embroidery, folk songs, cultural dances and many other forms of arts which exist from historical period till now provide job to a large number of people, mainly the artists.

Secondly, the arts and crafts created by the artists need to be marketed and sold to the people. Art galleries need to be opened to display the artworks where buyers get an opportunity to select an art, which they like best, from a list of many. To perform all these things many people should be employed. Thus more job opportunities are provided to the people. Thus traditional arts and crafts promote art-related employment opportunities, especially for marketing and selling the arts.

Similarly, the historical forms of arts in the architecture hold great importance as the rulers of the past were very fond of arts and they have created a lot of beautiful architectures. The Potala Palace of Tibet, Buckhingham Palace of London, Taj Mahal of India and Pyramids of Egypt are all the examples of the ancient architectures. Most of these kind of architectures have converted into touristic centers these days. In these places, the people are employed to promote, maintain and take care of these arts. At the same time, the tourist related businesses like travel agencies, hotel industry, restaurant business, and so on flourish at such historical places. Also the people can get the job as a tourist guide at an individual level. Therefore, all these activities provide employment to even more number of people.

However, the creation of more services for tourists not only provides employment to people but also attract more tourists, in turn. Since many people like to visit culturally and artistically rich places, the places full of traditional arts and crafts are likely to attract more number of both domestic and international tourists if such places have good infrastructures and facilities.

In addition, traditional arts and crafts provide name and fame to a country. Paris is quite famous for arts and crafts. There are many art galleries and museums in Paris which have accumulated paintings, sculptures, statues, and so on from across the world. Kathmandu valley of Nepal is also known as the city of temples, as there are temples, almost, everywhere. Such places earn good fame as a touristic place, which helps to promote tourism in the long run.

Moreover, tourism is of various types in terms of purpose. While most people go on tour for entertainment and spending vacation some people visit places for educational purpose, also known as educational tourism. The places which earn good fame for traditional arts and crafts are likely to attract this category of tourists as well, especially for the sub-disciplines of arts faculty which can contribute to making tourism industry sustainable.

Therefore, traditional arts and crafts are the sources of our pride. They symbolically represent our history, philosophy and lifestyle. They are source of name, fame and prosperity. They do provide work and, at the same time, promote tourism, both in a diverse and sustainable manner. Therefore, we should preserve and promote them to reap benefits from them in the long run.


  1. Can we a start a phrase with moreover ?? My GP teacher told me this is not English...

  2. Do you mean paragraph instead of phrase? Of course you can begin your paragraph with connectives like moreover, however, furthermore, etc.

  3. Hi i dont have a vast general knowledge and im really scared about taking the exams in oct/nov..moreover im not so keen in english etc how can u help me ??? i want a C or B and seeing those essays scares me

  4. Hello there,

    You don't need vast amount of knowledge to do well in GP. You just need to put your existing knowledge plainly and relevantly. C grade isn't much difficult I guess. Just don't give an off-topic answer!

    For B you might have to put forward a few examples and need to demonstrate a grammatically sound English language. The discussion should be well within the topic! That's all!

    Take it easily as it is not that difficult in reality.

    Wish you all the best!


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