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External Resources For General Paper

This post is meant to provide you with the resources from other places in the web to help you get exposure on diverse topics and areas of knowledge including the writing styles and ideas for content which is necessary to meet the expectations of the GP syllabus. You are expected to broaden your mind as much as you can and for that reading contents from a single source and relying on the instructions of a teacher only is not enough. You must see the world beyond that too.

Where can you get Past Papers, Mark Schemes and Examiner's Report?

To help you get adequate ideas and relevant materials, I have been posting articles about past papers, mark schemes and examiner's report. These resources are very useful indeed and can help you improve your grades significantly. However, the problem is that these aren't easily available in the original quality and quantity. I have found a website where you can find most (but not all) of these resources. You can reach the download page at: General Paper 8001 and General Paper 8004.

Past Papers of May/June 2012

If you want the past paper of May/June 2012 exams, then get them here. Please notice that Paper 8001 is not available during May/June. So, the link above contains the past papers of Paper 8004 only.

Naming Convention of PDF documents

Before downloading the past papers, mark schemes and examiner reports in the form of PDF documents, please be aware of which paper you are appearing for to grab the right materials. The explanation below about the naming convention used in these files can help you identify the syllabus and type of material quickly:

Name of File: 8001_w02_er.pdf

Here, 8001 is syllabus code, "w" means 'winter' session or October/November session ( alternately 's' is used to indicate 'summer' or the May/June session), the number followed by "w", "s", or "y" ("y" is used in the syllabus) is the year of examination (In this example, it is 2002), and short forms: er = examiner's report, ms = mark scheme, qp = question paper and sy=syllabus.

Also please note that the resources there are not complete and adequate. For example, some mark schemes do not contain the areas of discussions for each question, which are given in other mark schemes. So, please check these for yourself and view those which have got good content. Even if you read 2 complete mark schemes and 2 examiner's reports, then you'll get a lot of ideas on the matters of GP and your confidence level will increase significantly.

If you are not satisfied from the above source then too you have two more alternatives to get more qualitative resources. One, to ask for these materials with teachers because Cambridge provides these materials to teachers through its own website. Two, you can get one good copy of all these at the official website of Cambridge University. Here's are the link for General Paper 8001 and General Paper 8004. You can get other materials there including the syllabus. I would recommend you to check this site for other subjects too. A note of warning for this site is that, it too isn't updated timely.

For the Students of Mauritius (Syllabus 8009)

Since, I acknowledge that Mauritian students also visit my website and their syllabus is different from the International syllabus, I tried to find more about their curriculum. The mark schemes, specimen papers, and examiner report for Mauritian students are available at this support site for centres in Mauritius. The resources in this site are limited but it is worth visiting once and it contains materials for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Also, I would recommend you to visit this forum. You may get some useful materials about GP there, but you'll have to register to get full access to its content.

I will be updating this page if I come across other resources in the future too. If you know of such places where we can get good reference materials for General Paper students and want to share them with me, you are welcome. Also I will appreciate your suggestions, and comments if any.


  1. Hi, thank you for making this website. A very useful one.

    If you have anything about the new 8009 G.P syllabus please post it.

    Awesome job.

  2. I really appreciate your work brother and feel thankful that you have made a GP help page. There are so few GP help pages out there, so i felt that u have done a splendid job by making this page. Nepali students ko lagi chai kehi chaina???

  3. Thanks for your compliment Ashim. And for your question at the end, here's my answer: All this that I have done is for Nepali students. However, by chance, the syllabus we follow is the same for International students everywhere else except Mauritius (and I think Singapore as well), which has a different syllabus and that's why I tried to include some more information to help out the students there. It's just that.

  4. Mr. Prem Gaire, i appreciate all you've done on this great website. I just have one very important question from you. Im a private GP student and i just cant get this one thing. The syllabus of GP says, "Candidates must choose two questions, each from a different section" Keeping in mind that there are 3 sections in the papers, can you tell me what they mean by this? We have to attempt only two questions on the paper but they have to be from different sections OR we have to attempt two questions from each sections. Please Reply soon. I thank you in Advance! :)

  5. You have to attempt two questions only. But those two questions should be from different sections.

  6. hi sir i can't access on the mauritians page as i'm mautians

  7. I'm sorry that the link is broken! Please visit this forum and probably, you'll find something useful:,12.0.html

    NOTE: You may have to register for viewing some contents.

  8. wow...thanks a lot Sir....really appreciate your website....very useful. Thans for considering the Mauritians....because I'm among them!

  9. Hello Mr Gaire. Is the GP syllabus resorces for 2014 Singapore available and if you have it, would you please post it. I will be very grateful. Although I have not start JC and not sure until a few days time, I have learnt a lot from your site and indeed i must thank you very much. Oh however just to let you know, from what you shared it is strikingly similar to Singapore's GCE O Level paper too. I guess the Ministry really wants it's students to be prepared. Thanks for you help :)

  10. You know what This is Awesome!

  11. can i have singapore paper 2014 june ?
    P1 P2


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