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How to read for better vocabulary and better learning?

Here are the guidelines to enhance your vocabulary and to learn whatever you read more effectively and efficiently. Use these methods to gain more knowledge and a robust vocabulary.

Select the materials

First you need to select or get the reading materials. Whether it may be a paperback book or a digital eBook it must be a matter of your interest. I recommend you to read digital materials because you can look up the meanings easily in a dictionary like WordWeb.

The use of Kindle or an iPad (Kindle is more focussed for reading and feels like paperback, as Amazon states), would be more beneficial I think. You can search and buy the books of your interest easily and in real time with these eBook readers, and most importantly you can read them anywhere without having to manage them later. Would it ever be possible for you to carry some 100 or thousand books wherever you go? Yes, of course, with the help of these revolutionizing eBook Readers you can carry as many books you like and you can read the books according to your mood and interest. So, think about them if you haven't bought one yet.

The important thing about these readers is that they are portable, you can take them wherever you go, and you can select your reading materials easily with them.

Prepare yourself

Choose a quiet and comfortable place. Forget everything else. Relax for a while. Be calm and focussed. Just think that you should be reading patiently for the next hour and you are ready to go with.

Begin Reading Now

Now you slowly start to read. Grasp the meaning of the first sentence before you move to next sentence. If you aren't able to grasp the meaning of the sentence then your mind is moving away from the text. So relax more to increase your concentration and then read.

While reading, you should aim to know new things, whether they be vocabulary or matters of general knowledge. Humans are curious by nature and knowing something new can be a source of motivation. Wouldn't you be interested in knowing some of the craziest things of this universe?

Search the meaning of new words immediately

While reading you may encounter various new words. Search their meaning immediately. A digital dictionary is faster and so you can use the meaning into the context instantly to fully understand the text you are reading. You can take the aid of dictionaries in your mobile phones as well because they are easy to use and accessible all the time.

However, if you are reading your subject on a computer or a laptop consider using WordWeb, a digital dictionary in the form of software. It will make your task easier and faster because you don't have to type the words. You can use Ctrl + Right Click over the word to display its meaning.

Read continuously without taking breaks in between

Once you start reading don't take breaks in between. Read continuously for at least half an hour to a maximum of 2-3 hours. However, if you are reading in a short topic then you can just complete it before you stop reading and go elsewhere. This will help you to get the overall picture of the subject matter and therefore, you will understand more and feel contented as well as refreshed afterwards.

Read with patience

Don't read in a hurry. Neither you'll learn anything nor will you save your time. You may read faster once you develop a reading habit and a good vocabulary. However, you should be more patient to see your improvement in developing a reading habit and a robust vocabulary. Therefore, you should remain very patient during these phases and keep motivating yourself by thinking of all the rewards that you will get once you achieve these goals. You should keep it in mind that you have your whole life left to learn new and exciting things.

By reading this, I hope you will keep these guidelines in mind and be able to achieve your target. After you attain a good vocabulary you will certainly feel a difference! You will be able to read smoothly your favourite books like literature books, novels, and anything that you enjoy reading.


  1. hello sir , plzz can u tell me if these answer for this question is right or wrong ? plzz i need ur help.......the question is 'Assess the effects in changes of eating and drinking habits in Mauritius'.....the answer which i wrote it was eat a balanced diet , avoid smoking , drinking and drugs taking, regular medical checkups , atleast 7-8hours of sleeping & physical exercises is those ideas r correct sir?

  2. Thanks for asking me this question. But unfortunately you wrote an off-topic answer. For the question you stated, you should have compared how eating and drinking habits have changed over the past few years in Mauritius and then give your arguments about what will be the effects of these changes. The effects will be positive if the changes are positive and vice versa.

    For example, if people in Mauritius didn't used to drink alcoholic drinks previously but have started doing so lately then you could say that the Mauritians are moving backwards and are inviting the diseases such as stomach cancer and degeneration of liver.

    If people have switched to eating fast foods then you could say that people will become sick more often and they will be fatter thus welcoming more and more diseases related to obesity and this change is harmful for the Mauritian society.

    Similarly, if people have instead started preferring vegetarian diets then you could say that now people will be a bit healthier and in good weight. However, this might lead to under-nutrition to some people and decrease in the average height of the coming generations. So, if the people have to get adequate nourishment and good height they need to either eat meat or consume a carefully planned diet.

    And so on.

    I am really sorry to say that you just answered the question similar to: How can the people (in Mauritius) remain healthy? I think this is not what was asked to you. But if this was the question then you could have easily scored an A for the content!

    Finally, don't worry about it because after all this is not a board exam. Nonetheless, it can be a good lesson to you for your future exams.

  3. Thank you dai. This will be helpful for remembering SAT words.

  4. hello sir i hope u still remeberr the previous question i asked unfortunately i failed in GP i got U as result how can i improve thiss :'(:'( i'm so worried that i got U in GP :'( sir will u be able to help me out :'(

  5. Hi bibi! Yes, I remember the question you asked me (it lies at the top of the comments of this page). I wasn't expecting that it was the question from your CIE exams and I am really sorry to hear about your result. I have heard of many students doing bad in GP this time. So, I would suggest you not to worry about it at the first place.

    Secondly, I would recommend you to make a good study plan and strictly follow it on a regular basis. You did bad in GP because you didn't understand the question properly. So, focus on grammatical aspect and vocabulary in your study. If you understand exactly what the question is asking then there's high chance that you'll pass the exams. So, forget the past, and start studying carefully and regularly.

    You can connect with me, through Facebook Group and Facebook page. There we will discuss about your specific problems in GP and try to provide you best suggestions. Also you'll meet your fellow friends who will be taking GP with you again. I hope to see you there.

  6. Here's a book from an A level student who scored U in GP at first, like you, but managed to get an A in the next session by realizing his mistakes and working hard to correct them.

    It's a free ebook, I guess, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it because it not only contains the inspirational story of the author but also provides you a wealth of information about GP:

  7. ohhhh thnxxx you very much sir i hope this time i will be able to pass with at least an A in GP :)

  8. hello sir can u please tell me on what topics i can revise as i'm on holidays so i don't wanna waste my time n i wanna start my revision before it'll be too late so can u plz tell me or suggest me some topics please :)

  9. I hope you'll get some ideas from the articles listed in this section:

  10. Hello sir , i've passed my exam alhamdulilah so i going to the final exam next year n thnxx 4 the link but i need some idea on how can i revise those workks ??? i meannn how will i knoww the exact answers

  11. I'm glad to hear that you've passed your exams. :)

    Now, about those links, I meant to say that you will get the topic ideas from them (the links) and research them in the internet. Or you can also directly read the syllabus and start researching about the topics listed there one by one in the internet.

  12. Hello sir can u please help me out in solving this question hopee hearing from u soon xx

  13. Oops the question is should we be concern about the genetic engineering ?

  14. You can argue it either way. I would go for 'yes' answer with the following points:

    Genetic engineering has great scope in food production. It is going to be difficult to meet the demand of food for growing population in the future. Genetic engineering provides a ray of hope.

    Genetic engineering has huge potential in health sector. The diseases which can't be diagnosed properly at present can be easily diagnosed by reading our genetic composition. Afterwards, a highly tailored medicine can be prescribed and given to the patient, thus curing the diseases rapidly.

    Genetic engineering has not only positive advantages but serious negative implications especially in making biological weapons such as dangerous bacteria and viruses prepared through carefully selected genetic characteristics. Such weapons can be highly destructive causing irrecoverable loss to the whole mankind. So, we should be aware about such harmful uses and try our best to prevent them.

    Genetic engineering can have many other creative applications which, if explored, might prove boon to the mankind. Therefore, being conscious about them in advance might help us to tap those opportunities.

    Therefore, since genetic engineering has huge fields of application, huge potential to bring positive as well as negative changes and many other ethical issues , it is necessary for all of us to be concerned about this emerging technology.

  15. Hello sir can u provide me some main points on Discuss on the impact of globalization in the world

  16. Note that this topic is about "impacts" of globalization only. So, what kind of consequences does globalization bring, is our concern here.

    The following points can be discussed for this topic:

    1) The cross-cultural barrier reduces as people open up to newer cultures of people all around the world.
    2) The trade flourishes thus benefiting all the nations. The issues in one country become the concern of all others because of their connection in trade and mutual relation with each other.
    3) Because of enhanced communication technologies, including the social medias, even a single person can become a media-person broadcasting his cause to global audience and gathering support for it worldwide. This aspect of globalization is revolutionary as it operates on the voluntary work of conscious individuals. It is particularly useful in creating pressure to stop violence against women and children, to work for humanitarian causes and so on.
    4) Globalization converts the world into a better place because the malpractices are criticized globally whereas good practices are spread in the same fashion. This can sometimes be misleading but as the humans become more educated and rational in their behavior they will be ultimately capable of discerning what is right and what is wrong.

    Hope these points will help you formulate some more points of your own.

  17. Hi again sir please help me out in this essay please :
    how n wat will i write in this essay?

  18. Oops the question is why water is precious?

  19. Hello sir,
    I would like to know if there was a specific kind of book to read to get better in general paper? Or is it better to read newspapers and bbc articles than books?
    Thank you

  20. is this site still valid in helping people in gp?? or is there any other site where i can get help with the gp course?


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