Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making Cross-curricular Links

General Paper is a multi-disciplinary subject and therefore, it gets its content from the other disciplines. You may be a management student but if you want to appear for General Paper exams then you will have to face questions from faculties like science, arts, humanities, politics, social sciences, history and geography and so on. (To believe me, just peek into the syllabus!) Thus, as a GP student you will have to keep knowledge on wide range of subject matters.

Although you are heading towards a more specific and focused discipline to build your career you need to know what is happening around you. To put it directly, you must know the general issues of human concern like politics, laws, history, arts and crafts, and sports even if your field of study is as specific as electrical engineering or pediatrics. GP syllabus is designed by keeping this ideology in mind and it aims to make an individual intellectual and well matured.

Whatever you do, you do for the society and within the society and therefore you cannot remain isolated from the society. To be an active member of the society you must be well informed about the working system of the society. How is society controlled and regulated? How is it heading towards the process of advancement and civilization? All these matters are of common interests to all the people including the students of A Levels and GP syllabus is aimed to provide students with the knowledge of these issues thus making the subject cross-curricular.

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