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Reasoning Ability

Reasoning is the skill to give your arguments or opinions in a logical way so as to convince your audience that your opinion is the most appropriate one in the given circumstances. It is also your ability to argue on a given topic and prove it by means of logical ideas and relevant examples.

Below is an interesting example of my reasoning. Read below and infer what reasoning skill is by yourself!

An Example of My reasoning

For example, you hate politics but as a rational thinker you must realize its importance and its necessity as well as its shortcomings. The administrative tasks of our countries are running smoothly because of politics. In the examples below I would criticize politics first and talk about its necessity and due importance in the second paragraph.
We are divided into nationals, me being a Nepali for example, just because of politics. Otherwise, who on earth is born with the name of his country and his nationality tagged on his forehead? In my personal opinion, there is no necessity to feel proud of being a citizen of a particular country where, in fact, you were born to be the citizen of this entire Earth. If it had been so we wouldn't have the need to go through the hectic process of visas application and so on, just to go to a different country. We would have been able to go to any place we like, to travel or to live in. However, due to our own segregation of this world we have limited ourselves in a small geographical area, where in fact we could have been the nationals of this whole world.


Nevertheless, all political divisions are the result of our systematic classification and they have helped us to make our life easier as well. Dividing this world into several countries makes the ruling process more effective and the implementation of law and order in a country more pragmatic and viable. For example, polygamy is legal in some societies whereas illegal in others. If we consider this whole world as a single country then the law of this world should either make polygamy legal or illegal. It would be more logical to make it illegal but the society where it has been practiced for a long time would oppose this law. Again if the state chose to treat those society differently with others and made polygamy legal for those societies then other societies would oppose that law calling it biased and violation of equality or human rights or so and so. It must be one of the greatest reasons why the larger countries have split their nation, the USA for example, into several autonomous states, to make state laws by considering the social laws and norms.

In the above two paragraphs I have argued on both sides of the politics. However, I have tried to maintain a distance with my own likes and dislikes, and yet I have presented my point of views, that is, my arguments on both the sides of the subject matter. Aren't you convinced with each of my opinions? (Yes, please reply in the comments section below.) You can do the same in your GP essays as well; make your arguments based upon the reasons and not just your personal preference. Even if you include your personal preference then make it sound reasonable by providing sound reasons.


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