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What are the probable questions (guesses) for the upcoming exams?

The questions of General Paper are asked in such a way to incorporate as many variations possible. For example, you get questions on all sorts of disciplines such as arts, humanities, anthropology, sociology, science and technology and so on, ranging from historical events to the most recent happenings. Therefore, it is not easy to figure out and provide you with some guessings about which question is probable. However there are some ways you can get helped on this.

You can choose some topics from the syllabus and prepare them for your exams. For example, you can prepare for some specific sections such as Science and Technology and Arts or any suitable combination for you. Regardless of the topics, get in touch with the latest news and their environmental and social implications because whether it is science, arts, or philosophy most of the concerns are for mankind and therefore, social and environmental contexts are very important in almost all of the areas of human concern. And you should take care of them most!

Also do not forget to see past papers. They are very useful when it comes to getting better grades. Again there are two major advantages of solving questions from the past papers. First, is that the questions from those papers are likely to repeat in the coming exams. If you compare among the past papers of different years you can find some questions being repeated. Therefore, there is possibility that they can be asked again in the upcoming exams. Second benefit is that the past papers can give you insights on what types of questions will be asked in the exams. This will help you become prepared for the exam as well as guess the probable questions yourself to some extent.


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