Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is General Paper?

In the words of Cambridge:

The AS General Paper is multi-disciplinary, its subject matter drawn from across the curriculum. The syllabus encourages in candidates the ability to make cross-curricular links; to develop a maturity of thought appropriate to students at this level; and to achieve an understanding and usage of the English language which enables them to express arguments, ideas and opinions in a reflective and academic manner.

In the words of students:

GP is a tough subject. It demands knowledge and understanding in almost all the fields of human endeavour including the world history. It requires the use of sophisticated vocabulary and error free language and so on.

In my words:

It is not a difficult subject because you get many alternatives during exams (out of 15 questions you have to choose only 2) and it is quite probable that you will find a topic that is most appropriate to you. It just demands you to know what you are good at. It only tests whether you can give a mature and rational justification of your arguments on a particular topic or not.

General Paper is a must read subject of A Levels in my opinion. I have benefitted a lot from studying this subject and I think everyone can get similar benefits if they put some effort into it. It's a very enjoyable subject once you start feeling comfortable with writing. As a result of that, I'm pursuing it even to this date.

I pledge you all to read this subject with sincerity and devotion because this subject has everything to put you ahead of others whenever you compete with others. I can say this because writing is really very essential whenever you want to do something such as writing a college application or job application letter. Even if you are thinking to become a businessman in the future your journey will start by writing a good business plan. And the most rewarding benefit of writing is that you become more specific whenever you do something. This means you know the reason and purpose of whatever you do and that will make you successful in your aim as you don't have to beat about the bush because you know your target.

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