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What is so special about A Graded Sample Essays?

The A Graded Essays from Cambridge University are the best resources an A level student can have. I recommend all the General Paper students to read these essays at least once prior to attending the CIE board exams. These essays are the most appropriate sample essays for GCE A Level students as these essays have scored "Grade A" in the CIE exam itself.

I got these essays from my GP instructor and I hope that your instructor has also provided similar resources to you. However, everyone may not be lucky enough to get them. Moreover, what about those students who study privately? I hope this section will be a great treat for them! In any case, these essays are the must read model essays for all the A level students appearing for General Paper exams.

The specialty about these essays is that

  • they have scored A Grades in the CIE exams

  • such essays are available only in limited quantity

  • and they have been commented by the CIE examiners on each paragraph

List of all the Sample A Graded Essays

Here is the exclusive list of all the model essays provided by Cambridge. I hope you'll have a great time reading them.

  1. Discuss the arguments for and against vegetarianism.

  2. What are the consequences of the break-up of family life in many countries today?

  3. Would it be advantageous if all the people throughout the world could speak one common language?

  4. Should society punish criminals more harshly?

  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of banning smoking in public places?

Comments from CIE

Cambridge Examiners have commented each of these essays in detail. In fact, they have commented on every paragraphs of these essays. So, do not forget to read these comments because the opinion of the CIE examiners will help you infer what is expected by the examiners while checking a GP essay.

The comments are kept in a separate page to allow you to read the essays and comments side by side. You can read a paragraph of an essay and immediately read its comment in a "New Tab" or "New Window" of your browser with this arrangement. The link to the comment page is provided at the beginning of the respective essay page.

Happy reading and please share these essays with your fellow friends so that they will also know about these essays. Your friends will really appreciate you for sharing these resources with them.

Plus, do not hesitate to drop your feedback in the form of 'Likes', '+1' and comments.


  1. well am a beginner and i am kind of scared about these a-level stuffs. I don't understand properly what GP and SATS are for. (though they might be two very different things am sorry! ) But still i get confused over their details :(

  2. SAT and GP are totally different things. GP is a formal subject! SAT is just a Test, which you can take with or without any preparation, that primarily tests your English level, but also can be used to test your level of knowledge for specific subjects (SAT II).

    GP is a formal subject which has its own syllabus and curriculum, in the CIE board.

  3. i have to write a paragraph on education for my GP teacher what should i write :(

  4. "Education" in itself is a vague topic. So, you should simplify and write a paragraph from one perspective (viewpoint) such as:

    * "What is Education?"
    * "The status of Education if your country"
    * "Importance of Education"
    * "Negative aspects of Education", and so on.

    You can write a paragraph on any one of these subtopics.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these essays! I've learnt so many new ways and words I can use in my writing from them. :)

  6. I have just started my a levels and I am taking gp but i am not kinda good in it i almost always score around 50%. So I wanna improve my grades. Can you please help me. I would really appreciate it

    1. That's a nice idea. From your writing I can reckon that you are quite comfortable with English language. So, now the focus should be on content and how to present content so as to get better grades. Studying materials from here and there (papers, books, internet, etc) is a must for content.

  7. Hello,
    I'm taking the A levels next year,
    And I wanted to query about how to score some 'bonus' marks, if ever this is possible.
    It would mean a lot if you could enlighten me on this and help me out.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. Hi there,

      For the first time ever, I am hearing about "bonus" mark and I'm surprised. Probably, you mean how to score higher marks. There's no hard and fast rule regarding this matter.

      Continuous study, regular reading and writing for knowledge and practice, and being acquainted with current world's affairs, are some of the few things you can do in order to improve your grades.


  8. Hey,thanks for sharing these essays.It helped me quite a lot.
    I gave my GP last october 2014.To be honest I expected a b grade cause I felt I spoiled the paper.In fact I felt I had done better in my internal examinations where i always got Bs.So when I got my grade and found out I had got an 'a' I was surprised.And today I found out I scored 88,I still can't believe it.
    BTW what's the score obtained by GP world toppers and Nepal Toppers?

  9. is it possible to name companies like apple or nike in our essay??

    1. Yes, of course. Just include a brief explanation like: Apple, a technology company, .......

      (Here, "a technology company" is the simplest introduction to the company. You can be more specific like "company that produces smartphones under the brand name iPhone.")

  10. Can you give me a clarification about the SHEEECSPPP Technique , please.

  11. Please mail me at premgaire.2007 at gmail dot com and I'll provide you the material I have!

  12. Can you please briefly explain the format for the general paper. As per our English GP teacher the introduction includes the thesis statement along with a treatment which consists of all our points/argument we are to use within the essay. The body paragraphs are to have a topic sentence and the conclusion has our opinion. Is this the right format because I have switched teachers and each English teacher marked differently. Also, I wanted to ask if strong vocabulary is acknowledged within GP essays? Thankyou, it is my first time I'd be giving GP and I have no clue how it's going to be marked.

  13. Can you please explain how to answer properly topic question with words like "to what extent" or "how far do you agree" thanks


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