Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is WordWeb and how to use it for best results?

What is WordWeb?

WordWeb is a digital dictionary available in both free and pro versions. It is handy and quite fulfilling for our current needs. It occupies less space in memory as it is small in size, it has easy interface and it can be easily downloaded from the internet. So, I recommend you to use it.

Why use WordWeb?

Imagine that you are reading eBooks or a blog post or news from RSS feeds. Imagine that you encountered a word whose meaning you don't know. So, what would you do with other dictionaries? Launch them and then type in the word which you want the meaning of. Quite uneasy! And time consuming too.

But with WordWeb you simply have to place the mouse pointer over the word and press Ctrl key and Click on the Right mouse button simultaneously and you are done. It's as simple as that.

Additionally, you can modify these hotkeys to suit your convenience by changing its settings from Options menu >> WordWeb Hotkey. submenu.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Similar Words are all listed in the Tabbed Dialog below and so you get to know the friends and enemies of the word along with its meaning.

Is it that much?

Oh! I forgot to mention one of its coolest features, the Bookmaking feature.

Bookmarking the words is a very useful aspect of WordWeb which is why I have recommended this small portable dictionary for you. It will help you keep record of the words you have learned. Of course you will have to do this manually by clicking on the 'Bookmark' menu and then clicking on the 'Add' submenu for each word you bookmark. This is a little disappointing part of this feature which too has a solution. Learn to use the keyboard shortcuts to do this and you will save your precious time. Press Alt and then B and then A and you are done, i.e. you have bookmarked the current word displayed in the 'Lookup' Field.

What about other dictionaries?

You definitely need a dictionary to learn meaning of new words because you can't always rely on guessing (from the context) while reading something. So, the question here, is not about "Whether to use dictionary or not?" but about "What sort of dictionary should be used?" And my emphasis is on two must have features.

  1. Small in Size, so that it loads faster and doesn't consume much memory.

  2. Easy to use, so that it saves our time.

If you are already using a better dictionary with more facilities then you needn't go for WordWeb.

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