Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Which syllabus is easier for me to enter for this subject?

As far as my concern goes, I myself had chosen 8004 and had felt that this syllabus is quite easy. Similarly, this paper is available in both examination sessions however, 8001 is only available in November session. Considering these benefits and my personal experience I would recommend you to go for it. However, making a good choice depends largely upon various factors including your ability and nature.

I recommend General Paper 8004 for the students who are:

  • moderate to highly creative

  • in the range of weak to good at the usage of English

  • looking forward to passing the subject easily

  • confused which subject to go for

What I believe is that an average student can generate some ideas on any given subject easily. So, if she can be trained to write only the short, simple, grammatically correct and semantically sensible sentences then half of the battle for her is over. Rest half of the battle lies in content, that is, how far she can go on to research on the subject matter of the syllabus and how she can make use of her knowledge and facts to prove her own arguments or thoughts. Most of the students can become able to do this easily but with some practice and sincere efforts. Therefore, I think that this paper should be considered by most of the students.

If you have very good English and very good analytical skill then only I recommend you to appear for 8001. This syllabus is more tough and requires good skills in comprehension and analysis. However, due to the GPA grading system your grades may not be affected severely and therefore, you needn't worry too much even if your exam doesn't go as expected.

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