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Which type of questions should I attempt?

Selecting a question to attempt can be a tough task for you because of many alternatives given in the GP exam papers. In General Paper 8004, you'll get 15 questions categorised into 3 sections and you have to choose only two of them, each from a different section. (It is quite similar in General Paper 8001; you get 12 questions to choose only one from the list.) Whichever, the paper you are going for, you should evaluate the given questions on the basis of your knowledge of the subject matter. You need to know what you are good at, at first. Then, you need to evaluate which questions best match your capability and conscience. You should go for those essays which you can write better than any other ones. However, you need some practice to be good at selecting questions, at first point. You will excel more at this with some experience, knowledge and other skills like good interpretation and language skills. Good language skills will help you understand the question better and thus you can be able to figure out which questions to attempt more easily.

In most of the circumstances, I recommend you to choose those questions which have a familiar topic, and on which you can give your best arguments with as many examples, and facts possible. Choosing more familiar topic reduces the risk of uncertainty and boosts your confidence as you are sure of what you write. However, with unfamiliar topics you just think you have an argument but you won't be able to generate more ideas and moreover, you won't be much confident in what you write.

Since general paper is a multi-disciplinary subject you are likely to get questions from subjects like physics, economics, business studies, mathematics, arts, etc. In such a case, which is quite likely, directly attempt the question related to one of your subjects. However, you should not underestimate it as easy and do not forget to make sure that you understand what the question is really about.

For those who want to do their best in GP, I recommend you to be prepared on some topics beforehand by writing one good essays on each topic from the syllabus after a thorough research. Better write one essay a week and end up writing only some 20 - 25 good essays during a whole year rather than to write more essays without any research. Here, with the research you will come across a variety of ideas and these ideas can fit somewhere in the essays of any questions from any topics like history and war, renewable and non renewable energy source, etc. You may have wondered while reading the second paragraph above, how to get familiar on a topic when you are uncertain of which topics will be asked. Yes, this is the way because if you research for history and war, then you can relate the ideas obtained from them in the questions about politics, terrorism, violence, human rights, anthropology, and so on - apart from history and war. What I mean here is that most of the topics are deeply interrelated and you should be able to show their interrelation in your essays.


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