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Why is Vocabulary so Important?

Why I emphasized on vocabulary and worked hard to improve it?
  • I wanted to become able to read fluently and quickly, understanding the text fully.
  • I had love towards knowledge and I realised that its key lies there on vocabulary.
  • I love reading novels and stories. To be able to read smoothly good vocabulary is extremely necessary.
  • I had strong desire to be able to pen down my feelings and opinions in the proper and correct way, so that I can share them with others. For example, I want to write down my hilarious experiences and memorable events. Moreover, I have been successful in making this website live because of my vocabulary and language skills.
  • I know that language is important because communication, which is important in every aspect of our life, depends upon the language.

What have I achieved so far?

I have realised my abovementioned desires. And additionally,
  • I have experienced that my academic performance has been greatly improved.
  • I have been able to create and maintain my blogs well. My personal blog, at this link "Jack of all trades..", will be my life long companion.
  • I have received very good responses for my writings although I am still a beginner.
  • I have got some of my comments happily published in the national daily newspaper. It's very motivating to have your name in the national paper even though it is just for a small comment.
  • I have seen new paths paved in the way of my life such as I have been liked and got special favour from my teachers and seniors just because of my writing.
  • In the economical front too, I have made some money from the sources which I had never imagined. Although nominal at present it's an unexpected reward.
  • I have got various other opportunities.

So, do you also need to improve your vocabulary? Read below to know:

Symptoms of lack of good vocabulary
  • You get struck frequently while speaking with others, or writing something.
  • You usually don't understand several words when you read a paragraph of an article from a newspaper or some source.
  • Your eloquent writing comes to a halt when you don't know an appropriate term to put forth your argument or view.
  • You don't know how to spice up your language with some idioms and phrases in your written works. Or, you know some idioms but don't how to use it correctly.


If you come across any of the above-mentioned situations, then you have got vocabulary problems and it's high time you improved your vocabulary.

Why is Treatment Necessary?

You may be lagging behind because of your poor vocabulary. Read further to know why.

Vocabulary can be your personality! Your speaking accurately and appropriately means you have smart and intellectual personality. It also means that people will give due respect to you if you become more technical, precise and accurate with your language.

If you are confident, careful and consistently precise in your work then no one suspects your work. Even your boss will bow in your respect. The same rule applies with vocabulary. When you speak accurately and confidently people will simply feel inferior to you. I don't mean that you should treat them unfairly as inferiors and be proud of one's capability but there are times when people make fun of you questioning your competence or intelligence. Those are the times when you should demonstrate your potential and prove who you really are!

The bonus of increasing your vocabulary is that you increase your knowledge and improve your academic activities. By understanding what you read in the real time, you save time because you don't have to repeat your reading to understand it and thus you acquire more knowledge as you can read more in less time.

Vocabulary is extremely important for all the scholars. Whatever you write or speak are words or vocabulary. Writing appropriate words correctly makes your answer correct and your writing perfect.

Therefore, begin to improve your vocabulary now. My new article showing you the way to improve vocabulary in the simplest and most effective way will be coming soon.


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