Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why should you read CIE Comments?

First something about Sample (or Model) Essays and CIE comments

The essays listed under the Sample Essays section are the essays checked or examined by Cambridge International Examination board (CIE) and these essays have been credited ‘A’ grade. These essays along with the comments on each of them are made available to the teachers and students by Cambridge as educational materials. Since, these model or sample essays are the examples of ‘A’ scoring essays, these resources (Essays and comments provided by the Cambridge) are very important in understanding ‘What is expected from the students in GP examinations?’

Why should you read CIE comments?

CIE comments are the feedback provided by the examiners (copy checker) themselves. So, it’s a great opportunity to know what they expected and what they found out in our essays. Here you get an opportunity to infer what is expected from you in particular. This means that you can find out what they appreciate and what they criticize and thus adopt the practices approved by them and avoid the practices disapproved by them. Therefore, in short, CIE comments reflect the views, opinions and expectations of the examiners.

These are also the examples or the basis of how your answer sheet will be evaluated by examiners later after you take GP Exams. Therefore, you should read them carefully.

How are CIE comments presented?

CIE examiners have evaluated each paragraph separately and have given the overall evaluation of the essays at the end under the conclusion sub-heading. Therefore, I recommend you to read the comments at the fullest.

You can read these comments either alongside the essay or at once after reading the whole essay. If you read the comments alongside with the essay you can compare the paragraph with the comments immediately. This will help you better understand the examiner’s perspective of evaluating the GP essays.

Plus, I have kept the comments in separate pages to assist you to refer to them immediately after reading a paragraph. I hope you will be benefitted from this.

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