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Account for the ever increasing popularity of digital photography.

While photography used to be considered something which was less useful and more expensive in the past, it no longer remains so, thanks to the evolution of digital photography. With the invention of the digital computers and digital cameras, digital photography is continuously growing popular among both professional and amateur photographers. Moreover, people these days own a personal digital camera to capture the important moments of their lives such as get-togethers and festival celebrations. Along with the significant reduction in cost, digital photography has increased the application areas of photography and perhaps, this is the reason why digital photography is ever-increasingly growing popular among the people nowadays.

Digital photography has significantly reduced the cost of capturing an image. The old analog cameras used to require expensive films to capture images and a processing in the lab was necessary to convert the films into photographs. Viewing the picture was possible only after the photograph was developed. However, today’s digital cameras have fundamentally changed our way of using photographs. Today’s cameras allow us to preview an image just after it is taken and the cameraperson can delete it if the photograph is not up to her expectation and retake the photograph. Furthermore, we don’t need to print photographs unless it is absolutely necessary. We can store our photographs in our computer’s hard drive directly and view them anytime later using the computer. Printing has become completely optional. Consequently, the cost of buying films reels and printing photographs is saved. And even when a print is required, we can select the best photos in our stock and print only those photographs.

Another advantage of the digital photography is that software can be used to crop, resize and reshape the photographs. This process of correcting the errors of the photographs by using software is known as post processing. Sometimes when we take photograph in the cloudy weather, or when there is no enough lighting our photographs come out dull. However, with the use of photo editing software like the Photoshop and Picasa we can rectify such errors and enhance our photographs using our computers. If we do it ourselves, which is quite the case nowadays, the cost involved is next to nothing, except our time. So, photo editing helps to recover or improve the quality of photographs and saves both time and money.

Also the evolution of digital photography and the post processing technologies have increased the scope of photography. The graphic designers use photographs to make designs such as logos and banners. Also the use of photography in marketing and advertising is worth mentioning. The photographs are useful for the publishers of books and magazines. Therefore, the scope of photography has significantly increased because of its cheapness and flexibility.

Moreover, the easiness of editing photographs and publishing online has enabled a single person to become a multimedia publisher. At present, a single person can write an article, take a suitable photograph or even make a video for the story, and then publish the rich multimedia content online on a website or a blog. A digital camera is capable of taking still images and capturing videos both. All this is possible because of digital technology and the utility of photography is increasing. Therefore, the simplicity combined with affordability and multipurpose nature has made photography ubiquitous.

Again the sharing of photographs has been made much easier by the digital technology. Now a single photograph can be shared to as many people as you like. For example, you can share it with all your friends by sending it as an email to them. You can share it with your friends and relatives through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also share it publicly with virtually everyone around the world by publishing it in a website. Therefore, you can share a single item with as many people as you desire. And amazingly all these tasks cost nothing in monetary terms. The email service, social networking sites, and blogs are all free tools available online. However, sharing of the photographs produced by non-digital cameras is neither cheap nor easy; and a single photograph cannot be shared with everyone, residing anywhere in the planet.

In conclusion, digital photography has significantly made photography cost effective that it has become easily affordable to the middle class people. Digital photography has made photography cheaper in its every aspect. Apart from affordability, digital technology has made photography more useful by allowing the flexibility to reshape, combine and edit photographs to make interesting designs. Moreover, the instant sharing of the photographs through social networks has made photography interesting, even to the lay persons. Getting likes and comments from friends instantly is what motivates such people. Therefore, in my opinion, the affordability of digital technologies in a package – including a digital camera, a digital computer and the internet technology - is the reason behind the ever increasing popularity of digital photography.


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