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Oct/Nov 2010 - Solution of Quesiton #2

2 Study the information and then answer all the questions (a) – (d) which follow. You are the Managing Director of a small but long-established firm that specialises in the manufacture of high-quality furniture for export. As a result of the global recession and a sharp fall in orders, you have had to cut back on overheads such as training, sponsorship and advertising. As a further economy measure, you now have to decide on which member of your Senior Management Team should leave the firm. (Apart from their own particular responsibilities, this Senior Management Team advises the Managing Director on the overall running of the business.)

Oct/Nov 2011 – Solution of Question #3

Paper 8001/22, Maximum Marks: 50 & Time: 1 hour 3 Study Passage 3 in the Insert [posted below in this article] to answer the following Questions (a) – (e). A brush with the law: Delhi jail uses paint to rehabilitate prisoners Some show bars and locked gates, others portray magical birds and beasts; many picture an idyllic colourful world away from the harsh, stark realities of their creators’ lives. For the one thing all these paintings have in common is that they provide the young men producing them with a way of communicating their experiences inside South Asia’s largest prison.

Oct/Nov 2009 - Solution of Question #14

14. Study the information and then answer all the questions (a – d) which follow. You are entertaining a female relative and have decided it would be a good idea to spend an evening watching a film together. You subscribe to a film club from which you rent DVDs. Their recommendations on this occasion are as follows. (All the names that are mentioned are those of fictional actors and not the characters that they portray.)

Five Ways of Writing GP Essay Introduction

Writing an introduction in the absence of proper knowledge can be a challenging task. Similarly, getting different ideas from different people on this matter might complicate the situation even more. And there are times when you cannot manage to write a single word. You think of different ideas and yet none of the ideas help you get on the board. Or you get stuck in the middle of the sentence and no matter how hard you try your can’t move on. Now, in this article I will try my best to wipe away all the confusions surrounding you and make you able to write an introduction for different types of essays. I hope you won’t have these problems after reading this article.

Should advertising be restricted in any way?

Advertising is a medium to reach its potential customers for any business organization. Advertising is important for both newly launched product as well as the reputed brand. The former needs to expand its reach and grow its market share and the latter needs to preserve its brand image. Because of its huge importance, advertising can be rightly called a backbone of a business. However, in this toughly competitive world, will all the business advertise their products and services ethically?

"Writing is easier way to express ourselves than speaking." Do you agree?

When it comes to communicating about oneself, speaking is an easier way to express ourselves in most of the circumstances. Speaking is a spontaneous action which doesn't require as much effort as the writing does. People can brainstorm in their mind and easily communicate their thoughts about themselves by speaking. If they had to express it through writing, they would have to pen down the same idea with grammatical accuracy. Perhaps due to the lack of practice, many people find it difficult to write; however, since we have been used to speaking right from our childhood, we have almost excelled in this medium of communication and it is no surprise that we find speaking easier to writing.