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"Writing is easier way to express ourselves than speaking." Do you agree?

When it comes to communicating about oneself, speaking is an easier way to express ourselves in most of the circumstances. Speaking is a spontaneous action which doesn't require as much effort as the writing does. People can brainstorm in their mind and easily communicate their thoughts about themselves by speaking. If they had to express it through writing, they would have to pen down the same idea with grammatical accuracy. Perhaps due to the lack of practice, many people find it difficult to write; however, since we have been used to speaking right from our childhood, we have almost excelled in this medium of communication and it is no surprise that we find speaking easier to writing.

Even the illiterate people can speak fluently. Based upon the knowledge and understanding, however, their ability to express their feelings effectively might differ significantly from person to person. However, there is no doubt that people, even though illiterate, can communicate just as well as those who are literate by the means of speaking. Therefore, speaking is a much easier way of expressing yourself compared to writing.

Speaking is more convenient because it requires less effort and less time. Once we develop a thought in our mind, we can communicate it almost effortlessly and within no time. The time required is only the time to think and utter the words through our mouth.

Writing, on the other hand, requires a conscious effort of the person willing to write. One must be systematic, fluent and correct in the use of language. To be correct in the use of language, the communicator should have a thorough knowledge and clear understanding of the language in terms of vocabulary, grammar and spellings. Similarly, if our aim is to produce a good writing, it will require a number of rigorous edits before preparing the final draft. Apart from the grammatical aspects, a good writing should have a harmonious style and tone, both of which come from a lot of practice. Therefore, writing is significantly a difficult medium in comparison to speaking.

However, through writing you can almost express any type of message. For example, you might find it offensive to utter certain words, but you may find yourselves comfortable to write them and share it with others. Such words would normally include the offensive and vulgar words; however, it is not limited to that. People may find it difficult to confess their mistakes, for example, in the oral form. However, they may find themselves at ease when expressing such messages through pen and paper. Although the situations to communicate such messages can be quite rare, writing will definitely be an easier medium of expression for most of the people, if they need to.

A common problem of a large majority of people is public speaking. A lot of people find it uncomfortable to speak in front of the mass. Many people find it difficult to speak in front of their boss, seniors, and so on. Some people even fear to speak with strangers, especially in the case when the latter is not supportive. In such situations, writing can be better as well as easier medium to convey their message. For example, we communicate with many strangers through email and social networks quite comfortably. However, it would be quite difficult, for a number of reasons including owns’ privacy, if we had to voice chat or video chat with the same persons.

Lastly, whom we need to communicate mostly with are our friends, relatives and other known persons. With these people, it is much easier to communicate through speaking. Whether in the form of face-to-face talk or a telephone conversation or a video chatting through the internet, the medium we mostly use to express our feelings with the known people is speech. However, sometimes based upon the purpose and occasion of communication, writing might be easier and better suited medium. Yet, we should not forget that, even in such scenarios, writing is easier just because we find speaking a bit more difficult or unsuitable. Therefore, although easiness and difficulty are relative terms, writing is almost always a difficult process compared to speaking.


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