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Oct/Nov 2010 - Solution of Quesiton #2

2 Study the information and then answer all the questions (a) (d) which follow.

You are the Managing Director of a small but long-established firm that specialises in the manufacture of high-quality furniture for export.

As a result of the global recession and a sharp fall in orders, you have had to cut back on overheads such as training, sponsorship and advertising. As a further economy measure, you now have to decide on which member of your Senior Management Team should leave the firm. (Apart from their own particular responsibilities, this Senior Management Team advises the Managing Director on the overall running of the business.)

Below are the notes you have made on your three colleagues.

A Felix Momsenta

  1. He plays too much golf.

  2. Much loved by the workforce.

  3. Two children in the Armed Forces.

  4. Great grandson of the original founder of the firm.

  5. In the past, he has invested heavily in the company.

  6. Hopeless with figures.

  7. Family still owns the site on which our factory stands.

  8. Can’t stand paperwork or long business meetings.

  9. Lost a fortune in the recent financial meltdown.

  10. Nice manners. Can always be trusted with foreign visitors.

B Grace Nautienne

  1. It was her flair for publicity that gained us worldwide fame.

  2. Almost always exceeds her budget.

  3. I do like the biscuits she brings for our Team meetings.

  4. She’s my wife’s best friend.

  5. Puts in long hours every day.

  6. She will make the odd unfortunate remark that everyone hears.

  7. She has often applied for ‘more rewarding’ positions elsewhere.

  8. Her husband’s the Minister for Overseas Trade.

  9. Can be very bossy. Won’t take no for an answer.

  10. A pity I’ve had to turn down so many of her ‘brilliant’ ideas.

C Henry Ordoma

  1. Must be nearly 60.

  2. Who else could put the finishing touches to our products?

  3. He’s never complained when we’ve had to freeze everyone’s salary in the past.

  4. Tends to come into work only when it suits him.

  5. His mind goes blank as soon as we suggest anything new.

  6. Without him, that strike would have gone on for weeks.

  7. He devotes much of his spare time to deserving charities.

  8. His family have been skilled craftsmen here for three generations.

  9. He’s much too fond of gossip.

  10. He often shows a great deal of commonsense.

Note: When a question asks for an answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS and you select the appropriate material from the passage for your answer, you must still use your own words to express it. Little credit can be given to answers which only copy words or phrases from the passage.

(a) As Managing Director, which member of the Senior Management Team would you be most inclined to ask to leave, and why? Justify your reasoning in about 100 of your own words. Do not refer to the two other members of the Senior Management Team. [10]

I would be most inclined to ask Henry Odorma to leave because he is already quite old and therefore less suitable to continue his job. Moreover, since he comes to work only when it suits him, he must be suffering from some kind of health problem and it would be better for him to take full rest. Another reason that he cannot become a long term asset for the firm is he does not have any idea on newer business practices which the firm desperately needs to combat the ongoing recession. Furthermore, since he is too fond of gossip he can be easily deviated from his responsibilities.

(b) As Managing Director, which member of the Senior Management Team would you be least inclined to ask to leave, and why? Justify your reasoning in about 100 of your own words. Do not refer to the two other members of the Senior Management Team. [10]

I would be least inclined to ask Felix Momsenta to leave because he is very compatible with the employees. Since he is the great grandson of the founder of the firm, he can have great devotion towards the wellbeing of the firm. He had worked very hard for the firm in the past, further proves that he can be highly devoted towards work. Because of his strong association with the firm and the ownership of the land of the factory it would be impolite to fire him. Moreover, his nice manners and honesty can become good asset for the firm.

(c) Which of the thirty comments recorded above has, in your opinion, the least relevance to the decision that has to be taken? Answer in about 50 of your own words. [5]

Having his children in the Armed Forces has no relation with the working capability or attitude of Felix. Bringing biscuits in the meeting is unrelated to how well Grace works in her professional life. And, devoting spare time to charities does not affect the work-life of Henry. Therefore, these comments are totally irrelevant.

(d) In about 100 of your own words, describe the effects of the recession on one specific business or enterprise in your area. [10]

The recession has badly hit Ganesh Hardware Store. The inventory sales at Ganesh Hardware Store have decreased significantly because of the slowdown of activities in the real estate sector. Its private truck, used for freight, is now lying underutilised causing the overhead of its maintenance high.  Similarly, the customers struggling with the recession have started to bargain on the price of the goods they buy which has led to the reduction in the profit margin of the firm. If the situation persists, the store may have to exit the market one day.

Note: Up to an additional 15 marks will be available for use of English.


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  2. I can help you with ideas if you post the essay question at this FB page

    However, you will have to write the essay yourself. Of course, I can help you with your queries related to grammar but won't write a complete essay since doing that is unethical.

    Moreover, if your English is "weak", you better need practice, rather than dependence upon others! Just a piece of advice from me. Hope to see you at the page mentioned above.

  3. Hi Prem

    This is a very good suggestion you have made here that the student needs to write the essay himself as it would be unethical for you to write the complete essay for him. I totally agree with.

    Generating ideas and forming opinions is the nitty-gritty (the core element of) part of writing good essays at any levels. I find your article on 'Guidelines for writing GP essays' quite useful for both students and teachers alike. You have drawn the line between facts and opinions in a very clear manner in this brilliant article. I would recommend teachers to use this to explain to their students. It couldn't have been explained in a better way!

    I often find students relying on model essays from GP books but still cannot think actively on their own and write with maturity. While some struggle to come up with a good plan to write their essays, others just cannot think. I have seen plagiarism in writings as a result of total inability to think and write. Others jumble up rot learning in their writings which result in sheer lack of clarity when it comes to meanings in their GP essays. To make matters worse, some of their English is very weak and that poses a big problem for them to make progress whatsoever.

    I come across students who find it boring to read or shall say they are too laid back and do not want to make the glorious effort of taking any books to read. I believe much of this comes from the lack of pleasure to read. Shall I say that this has become a disease? If so, then what's the cure? So, I suggest they read magazines and newspapers from any source (library or internet) which tend to condense knowledge, events, current issues, world-wide news etc. about almost any subjects in a summarized style where presentation of facts and details is just too attractive, irresistible and worthy of being envied!!!

    I believe that compared to books, magazines are much easier to assimilate and absorb because they are not voluminous. And despite of their being just a few flimsy pages which can be read in a day, they still comprise variety when it comes to topics and the use of good English. I often suggest that students grab the topics that they themselves like and find interesting (like sports, music, telecommunications, games, computers, etc. etc.). In this way they won't find it a burden or boring to breeze through favorite world.

    It wasn't my intention to write a long reply to your ingenious suggestion. However, I found it quite worthy - any academic intelligent fellow would agree with me.

    Kind regards

    1. You should post more sample cambridge examination papers in order for the diligent or fellow students to become eloquent in writing their essays or data response question.

      Gr8 job, man!!! Keep it up!!!!


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