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Probable Question for Oct/Nov 2012

Disclaimer Notice First

First of all, I would like to share something with you:
I have tried to guess probable questions like this for four sessions with this one being the latest and in my past guess-works, what I have experienced is that most of the students blindly rely on them and prepare only on the topic areas listed here. And when the questions do not fall from the areas I have listed there they simply show aggression. One person wrote in my Facebook Group in a satirical manner that, “100% questions were asked from my predicted topics.”

Now, read an article on another blog. Ms Adrienne de Souza writes how students get tricked by reading probable questions. She frankly says that her predictions have been wrong before, like mine! And I've always included "a note of warning/disclaimer" in each of the earlier predictions.

The reality is that, GP questions aren't difficult or from different topics than listed in probable questions and/or syllabus. They are just contextual, and situation-based. You need to answer the question by being bound within the limits or boundary set by the question on a specific topic. Therefore, a slight change in wording makes a GP question totally different from the previous one. You are asked to analyze the situation and build appropriate answer based on it. And you think that it is all about facts when, in reality, the questions demand your opinions and reasoning. Please understand this. I've written an article on this matter already.

My advice for you here is: Rely on these predictions at your own risk! Or don't take them as predictions at all and read just for information.

Rationale of this Article

From what I have said earlier, you may infer that you should not read this article any further. I do not mean so! If I was to say so, why would I write this article in the first place?

I really want you to read this article. Yea, I really want you to read, not because my predictions will be correct but because this article can provide you a lot of ideas on the topics listed in syllabus. Also these questions will help you acquaint yourself with the nature of questions that will be asked in the GP exams.

Another reason I wrote this article is because many students asked me to do so. So, here you are guys. Take them as probable, not as certain! :D

Probable Areas for Question selection

Section 1: Historical, social, economic, political and philosophical topics

Marriage and family life

The probable question from this topic include
  • Discuss the changing pattern of marriage in your country.
  • Has the technological revolution brought change in the lifestyle of people (in your country)?
  • Assess the impact of nuclear family upon the socialization of children (in your country).
  • How are disabled people treated in your country?


Recent Olympics games in London can be a current issue for this topic. Similarly, Paralympics is the Olympics of the handicapped and disabled athletes, which takes place in winter. To learn more about these topics, please Google them.
  • What are the impacts of sporting events like Paralympics in the life of disabled peoples?
  • Disabled people are useless at sports. How far do you agree with this statement?


History is another topic area for question selection from which the questions as follows can be asked.
  • Discuss the most important historical event of your country.
  • Technological developments have made historical knowledge ubiquitous. Is this true?
  • Is the human civilization going to end in December 21, 2012?

  • Is social advertising any worth? Discuss in the light of Facebook advertising.
  • Is online advertising the future of advertising?
  • TV advertising is obsolete. How far do you agree?
  • "It is not necessary to advertise your business anymore. People will find your product themselves by using Google, if they need it." Is this a fair comment?

Television shows
  • How far is it true that television ruins our life?
  • Television is synonymous to advertising. Do you agree?

  • The gap between rich and poor cannot be minimized. How far do you agree?
  • What is the situation of unemployment in your country?
  • The effects of globalization have been felt far and wide. What is your view?
  • Has the global financial crisis settled down?

Section 2: Science, including its history, philosophy, general principles and applications; environmental issues; mathematical topics

Science and Technology
  • Is science superior to nature?
  • In the future, there will be more robots than humans. How far do you agree?
  • Smartphones and the internet technology are jointly changing the way people lead their life. Discuss.

  • Is it enough to celebrate ‘World Environment Day’ only once a year?
  • Environmental issues have lost importance in the recent years. How far is this true?
  • Will science ever be able to recover our environment to the state prior to industrial revolution?

  • How far will science be successful in inventing a clean energy?
  • Will it ever be possible to meet the ever growing demand for energy through green energy sources?
  • Is you country prepared to deal with the exhaustion of fossil fuels?

Section 3: Literature and language, arts and crafts

Art (photography, painting, sculpture, artifacts)
  • Art has lost importance because of photography. Do you agree?
  • Account for the importance of ancient arts.
  • Are all rare objects of arts valuable?
  • The digital arts and illustrations are replacing the older forms of arts. How far is this true in your country?
  • Is 3D Printer a new sculptor?

Literature and language
  • Write a review (or criticism) of the novel you read recently?
  • The internet is promoting English language only. How far is this true?
  • Is the importance of ancient literature fading nowadays?

Some Hot/Current Issues

Arab Spring is a term used to denote a series of protests and demonstrations from the people in countries like Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, etc of the Middle East and North Africa against the dictatorship or absolute monarchy, human rights violations, government corruption, economic decline, unemployment, extreme poverty, etc.  The movement started in 2010 in Tunisia, and after its success it replicated to other countries.

Patent wars in US are the legal battles claiming the ownership upon the intellectual properties like design of hardware, software, etc. They are court trials, where one company either claims upon the intellectual property of another, or blames another company for infringing its patents by copying/using them without licensing them from the innovating company. The recent trial of Samsung and Apple, where Samsung was ordered to pay one billion US dollars to Apple, was really a spectacular event in the tech industry.

Since these are only the guess-work, I suggest you to read other topics as well.

And I wish you all the best for your exams! :) Good luck everyone!!


  1. hey friend...this site of yours is great!
    ur doing a great job man....
    i have GP exams in two days time,,,could you please add up some more expected title essays that could perhaps be on the question paper! please!

  2. I hab my exam the day after tomorrow?
    so do it fast

  3. I've added some more topics and probable questions. I hope you'll enjoy them!

  4. Do you think that abortion cn cme?? n war??? reply quick plz

  5. Hi Prem, I like your site, you are really helping me out! Thank you
    I have GP paper1 tomorrow, hope i'll be okay. :D

  6. Hi sir,i would like to know if questions on tourism,death penalty and population can be on paper tommorow

  7. Yes, the questions can be asked from those topics as well. So, prepare for those topics as well.

  8. You're welcome and I assure you that you'll be okay. I'll pray for you. All the best for your exams. :)

  9. These topics can be asked as well. So, please prepare for them too. The selective abortion in India and China have had huge impact in their demographics. China, especially, is suffering from significantly lower female population. Therefore, the social life is being problematic there as many males can't find mate to marry.

    Similarly, learn more about the recent wars, especially those, which took place in 2010 and earlier.

  10. hello thanks for the ideas sir.
    but i have a question can u plz tell me about the structures of an essay i mean should the paragraphs be equal for both for and against?

  11. It is not necessary to write equal number of paragraphs for and against the topic. It completely depends upon you. If you take a middle ground, you can do that. Otherwise not necessary to be equal.

    Sometimes you can discuss only one aspect, either for or against, as well. However, in most of the cases, a balancing paragraph is necessary. A single paragraph at the end can do that job (of balancing), especially when you choose to take one side of the argument (or essay topic).

    Writing one balance paragraph before the conclusion paragraph is the safest approach for GP, particularly useful when you are in confusion or dilemma.

  12. can you please give me the guideline as to what i should do at the moment as i'm weak in english. And i have a GP paper tomorrow. I'm from Pak.
    p.s: your work is really good and needs appreciation. thanks for your help :)

  13. I suggest you to write simple sentences clear in meaning. Try to be careful not to make mistakes while writing and after completing your essay check your answer-sheet to correct the mistakes you have made. Don't worry much about your result and think that 'you'll do well'. You'll be fine.

    I wish you all the best for your exams!

  14. wind, water and solar energy can only ever play a minor role in most countries in the foreseeable future.discuss.

    what do you understand by the above phrase.should we discuss only on minor or also major.thanks...

  15. For this question, you should evaluate the role of the alternative form of energy like wind, water and solar energy. The question is subjective and you can take any side. If you think the role of the mentioned sources of energy is minor, provide evidence that these forms of energy can't replace fossil fuels. Otherwise, provide evidence to the contrary. Also discuss, how things might change in the future: predict the future scenario based on current trend of energy usage and link it to the 'role' aspect.

  16. No armed conflicts should be fought without major international agreement. How far do you agree with this?

  17. Reasons for agreeing with the given statement:
    1) Armed conflicts are dangerous even for the neighbouring countries which do not have any interest in war.
    2) Use of arms like guns and bombs pollutes the environment a lot as it emits smokes and harmful radiations.
    3) Armed conflicts can go outrageous and the outcome is very uncertain; sometimes way beyond the expectation.
    4) Since, other nations are directly or indirectly affected by the conflict, it is necessary to take their permission and/or reach an agreement.

    Reasons for disagreeing:
    1) Wars are not fought according to a pre-plan!
    2) Practically speaking, it is not possible to make agreements beforehand on how to fight a war; no one fights a war by using the strategy imposed by a third party.
    3) If agreement was possible, it would not have been necessary to wage a war, in the first place.
    4) If international concern, or environmental factor, or other's right to live in peace and harmony are taken into consideration, no wars will ever be fought!

  18. Are the questions that are probable here for the 8004 (or 8001) syllabus only? Cause I'm taking the 8806 General Paper and I'm not sure how different the syllabuses are from each other

  19. Well, the 'nature of essay questions' and 'topic areas for question selection' are similar for all the variants of GP such as 8001, 8004, 8806, etc. So, if you are a GP student, I think they will be relevant to you - in some way - irrespective of which syllabus you appear for.

  20. All the best everyone!

  21. Hi. Could you please help me with the topic: Television is a weapon of mass distraction. How far do you agree?

  22. You can approach this in many ways. You can either agree, or disagree, or you can even remain neutral. I'll give points as if I agree with this statement:

    1) Watching television is highly addictive. For examples, the children are addicted towards watching cartoons like Ben-10, Pokemon, etc; the women are addicted towards watching serials; and men towards watching sports and reality shows. Therefore, people get lost in the fictitious world forgetting their real life. That's a huge distraction from the reality of life.

    2) Television distract us in our preferences and shopping behaviours. The commercials have direct to indirect impact in our buying manners. For example, the advertisements influence what we buy to eat, wear and so on. When most of the things advertised are either not of the quality claimed in the ads, or are similar to those which are not advertised, we are given the impression that they are of superior quality and are better than others.

    3) Television distracts us from our social life. Because the majority of people are busy watching television, they don't have enough time to spend with their friends and family members. Thus our social life gets disturbed and destroyed in some cases.

    4) Television is a virtual world but when we watch TV with sincere devotion, we take the things to be real and thus take them seriously. For example, when watching the various entertainment programs, like the Wrestling for example, we believe that the players are really aggressive towards each other, but all those shows are carefully planned and thus unreal, even if they are performed on-stage and broadcast only later. When we put bets upon which player will win or lose, we are only being too much serious about something which is made only for entertainment. In fact, we are being distracted from the reality.

    And so on!!

  23. Can you please have an article about the sample questions for As levels :)

  24. hi sir. can you please help me with this qn..
    "how far has confidence in financial institutions been undermined in your country since 2008?"

  25. Thx, i really luv ur site coz it has changed my gp grade.

  26. Hey! Can you please guess the GP questions of may/June 2013?? Please..u can mail me too!!! I need help

  27. Hello Sir, U're doing a gr8 job.Thanks a lot
    Can u please suggest sme questions on Technology?


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