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Why I was reluctant to predict questions for this session?

Many of the students asked me to write a post on “probable questions” for the upcoming GP examinations in the May/June 2013 session. And I replied them that I will not publish any probable questions this session.

Here are a few reasons why I replied so?

Students take “Probable Questions” as the “Real Exam Questions”!

First and foremost reason that discourages me to guess something is that the students take the “predictions” quite seriously and start preparing for them ONLY! Because whatever materials I cover in such predictions, are just my guesses it is not necessary to take them that seriously.

I mean, it is okay to read them and prepare for them. However, do not limit yourself there. Go beyond and learn other things as well. In fact, I never recommend you to stick to my site only. I suggest you to visit other GP sites as well and read the content there. That is the best way to broaden your mind, by diversifying the sources of knowledge and ideas.

Prediction is simply a prediction and not a certainty. Take it easy, and never panic if you are not prepared on the topics listed in the probable questions. Those questions may never be asked in the exam!

Busy elsewhere and had no time to focus for GP

I have my own chores to do like you all and I didn’t have much time to give for GP back then. However, I have now managed to find some time for you guys and I have already started posting new posts in my Facebook Page.

Moreover, because of the sharing feature, it is very easy to post content in the Facebook pages. Whenever I find something that might be relevant to General Paper students, I share that content on my page immediately! Sharing content is a blessing of the technology and that makes things a lot easier. In a matter of a few clicks you can makes others feel that “they are being loved and cared”, especially when you don’t have enough time to spare!

“Predicting Questions” is a difficult task!

Writing a post on “probable questions” is a very tedious and tiresome job and even after managing to write a long post, you feel that something is still missing!

You have to research a lot to find the topics that are fresh as well as appear relevant from the point of GP. You have to go through various news sources and sites to find topics worth discussing in that post. It is a difficult task, and because the predictions go wrong most of the times, I sometimes feel that the work is not worth the time and effort. And although, my former posts on this topic have been quite informative, students do not seem to take the value of that information. They only want to see the probable questions in their final GP exam paper! Probably this might be my wrong perception for some students, but a majority of the students take them this way which really discourages me further to do the task that is already quite tedious and boring.

What’s next?

However, the good news is that I am thinking to write a post on the probable questions soon. I have reached this decision because I have found some resources which might be really useful for GP students and have started sharing them on my Facebook Page. However, there are only a few students in the Facebook page and consequently, the majority of my site’s audience would not notice those useful posts in the Page. So, I want to compile those posts into a new article for this site and publish it so that everyone will be able to view them freely.

I won’t work much hard this time as working hard to predict something is similar to working hard to better one’s luck as both of them are uncertain anyway! Predictions are uncertain irrespective of the effort you put on for it. And never mind whether I work hard or not, you work on your part to evaluate whether my predictions will be useful to you or not in some way. Or perhaps I will be working hard but differently this time and perhaps you need to do the same!


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