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Can dictatorship be acceptable at any time? Discuss!

Note: This post is not an essay but will help you brainstorm to write one.

Most of the people want freedom to further their life the way they want. They want to enjoy the freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. However, in a dictatorial rule, people do not get to enjoy this freedom. Therefore, dictatorship will not be acceptable to the people who believe in independence and freedom.

There would not be equal treatment of the citizens in a dictatorial regime. Since, the dictator is free to pursue whatever he wants, he can be easily biased based on his desires. Therefore, some people may get preference over others in terms of getting various opportunities. This inequality will not acceptable to the people who want to live a dignified life. Therefore, such a rule would not be acceptable to them.

Similarly, there won't be fair judicial body to ensure that the people follow law and order and those who fail to comply or try to violate such laws get punished. Therefore, the society will remain in a chaotic state. There won't be peace and harmony in the society. Since, social security is an important need of people, lack of it will make 'dictatorship' rule unacceptable.

Following the orders of the dictator might be compulsory even if people do not want to follow them. In other words, people might be forced to do whatever the dictator wants them to do despite their will against that of the dictator. However, since it is the dictatorship regime such a behaviour would be a norm, which will eventually become unacceptable in the long run.

Because humans are the most intelligent beings, they want freedom and choices in their life which is not possible in a dictatorial regime. Therefore, dictatorship would not be acceptable at any place or time.


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