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Mobile phones: a blessing or a curse?

When everybody is busy in his/her own daily activities people find it difficult to allocate time for friends and relatives. In this context mobile phone has simplified the communication among them in various ways mainly through its ease of use and access. It manages contacts in its memory and thus we can ring to someone with few clicks of buttons. Short Message Service (SMS) is another new feature which the traditional land-line phone lacks. Its use as a multipurpose device to listen to the radio, to check emails, is not less enticing. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular gadgets in the world.

Electronically managed phonebook is an important feature of mobile phones. Unlike conventional telephones, mobiles can store the name and telephone/mobile phone numbers of the near and dear ones. This feature has various advantages. For instance, a relative fell seriously ill. The doctor should be called immediately. If there were no mobile phones you need to fetch the phonebook, search on it the doctors number, reach up to the phone, dial the number, the doctor could be anywhere within hospital and you would narrate the situation to the receptionist. He/she then would search for the doctor and tell him to go to your place. There are many places where delay can occur. There is always a chance of dialing a wrong number in haste. With mobile there are more possibilities of receiving the doctor at home in time. You type initial letter of the doctor’s name and all the contacts beginning with that letter will be shortlisted. Select the doctor’s name, press ‘Call’ button and talk directly to the doctor. No wrong number and waste of time.

SMS is another helpful feature of mobile phones. Sometimes, accuracy of the message is more important for example, while sending somebody’s address or contact numbers. Since the written piece of information is more accurate than spoken one, mobile phones are very useful. There are other alternatives like fax, email and so on but none is better than mobile phones. To use fax, there should be fax machines at both location and you need to write your message on a piece of paper. The disadvantages are expensive, inconvenient with respect to place, and waste of papers. Email can be received anywhere, but you require to be logged into your email account to receive notifications of new email. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are carried everywhere by the owners which makes it easy from all the angles.

Furthermore, mobile phone is now an all in one device. Whether you want to listen to music and fm radio, or you want to take a photo of your dear friend, you don’t need to seek for a separate device. Internet facility in mobile phones is common nowadays and with this you can share photos and files among your friends. You can remain connected with your peers with the help of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can play virtual games when you are bored and these sorts of facilities are increasing. Therefore, mobile phones have become a multipurpose, and multifunction device.

Although very useful, mobile phones are not devoid of problems. The waves that are used in mobile communication are harmful for human body especially heart, kidneys and brain. Its misuse is always a danger. Losing it may lead to the loss of important contacts and since we rely on it heavily we don’t remember the phone numbers of our relatives and friends. Others too cannot contact you, once your phone is lost and therefore there is a chance of going out of contact with some people permanently. This is especially the case with certain people, whom you have phone contact only.

In conclusion, mobile phones are very useful devices. Misusing them is the fault of the people who do so. So what I opine is that every person should make sure that he does not misuse it and be careful not to allow others misuse it. As for its harmful effects on living organisms, more research on the field is necessary to reduce its effects. Since its use cannot be discarded for its few disadvantages, mobile phones can be considered a blessing for the mankind.


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