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Probable Questions for May/June 2013

At first I refused to predict the questions for the coming exams of General Paper when students demanded me to do so.  I have described why I did so in this post. Nevertheless, because I found some content to share with you, I have changed my mind and am writing this post now.

However, this time I want to do it a little differently and because the exams are approaching very near, my approach will be more relevant in this context. So, this time I will start to share content beginning from today in this post itself in three different categories and publish it instantly. Afterwards, I will keep on adding the content and updating the post continuously. In the meantime, I request you all to share anything that is a matter of current issue or a probable question/ issue, right here in the comments below. I will copy your content to the post and credit you as well as the original authors if your content is relevant. (Copying is necessary because all students don’t read the comment section.) So, we all will jointly predict the questions for the coming exams. Let us turn this post into an online discussion. It will definitely be fun!

I will begin by sharing the content which I have already shared in my Facebook Page. All the contents will be categorized into the following three categories as per the syllabus:

Historical, social, economic, political and philosophical topics

How do you think global warming affects your future or way of life? (Source)

How well are human rights protected in your country? (Source)


Science, including its history, philosophy, general principles and applications; environmental issues; mathematical topics

How does your country tackle the issue of climate change, clean energy economy and protecting the environment? (Source)

What can you do to help save endangered wildlife? (Source)

How important do you think is it to preserve Antarctica? (Source)


Literature and language, arts and crafts


Suggested Topics by Bushra A.

  • capital punishment,

  • animal rights,

  • childhood obesity,

  • nuclear energy and

  • poverty issues

Suggested Topics by Anish

  • global warming,

  • terrorism,

  • nuclear weapons

Suggested Topics by Umair

  • corruption,

  • global financial crisis and

  • natural disaster

This post will be updated regularly but randomly. So, come back again for more!

(Note: The topics which are already present in the post will be ignored.)


  1. I've noticed a lot of new & articles on capital punishment, animal rights, childhood obesity, nuclear energy and poverty issues in the newspapers all year long. They're probably going to be questions based on these topics, i'm guessing.

  2. I wish if these questions would come. like about global warming,terrorism,nuclear weapons. Do you have any more predictions?

  3. corruption, global financial crisis poverty and natural disaster are some topics that i think might come

  4. can i have an essay on 'should private firm expects government support?'

  5. I personally think that topics such as 'developing countries', the contribution of rich countries in developing the third world and gender equality could show up this year! But am not sure about the type of questions in gender equality, whether it can be about inequality between the heterosexuals or between hetero, homosexuals and transgenders.

  6. Thanks a lot for your contribution!


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