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How art is an unaffordable luxury?

(Note: Here the point is to prove that “art is an unaffordable luxury”, not to discuss whether it is unaffordable or not?) Needless to say, artworks like paintings, sculptures, crafts, and so on are expensive. But are they really unaffordable? The answer depends. The aristocratic families can easily afford art objects to buy and use them in their houses but what about the majority of the middle-class people? In most of the circumstances, the valuable pieces of arts are simply unaffordable to them.

What makes some forms of historical evidence more reliable than others?

Where was the founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha, born? Nepalese people consider that Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal and he later went to the present day India for meditation. However, Indians claim that Buddha was born in India and that Lumbini lies in India as well. Who is to be trusted? The answer is we cannot trust anyone, but examine the historical evidences again to find out the truth behind this. This is an example of how historical evidences are sometimes unreliable to draw conclusion right away.

Why do some occupations and professions command more money than others?

Note: This post is not an essay but will help you brainstorm to write one. There is great difference in the amount of money people receive in different professions. Some professions command handsome salary whereas others just pay a nominal wage. Why does this kind of inequity prevail in the corporate world? There are a number of explanations for this question and we'll explore some of them here.

How can natural disasters be avoided or their effect be reduced?

Note: This post is not an essay but will help you brainstorm to write one. Natural calamities are one of the most dreadful things that happen in earth. They are often highly dangerous and cause great devastation and destruction. They take lots of lives sometimes as well as make the lives of the survived ones difficult by destroying their properties. Therefore, it is obvious for people to try to avoid them or reduce their effects.

Censorship is a hindrance to education. Discuss.

Censorship is a broad term. It not only means the censoring of the movies but also that of all kinds of media which can communicate information to people. Such media would include the radio, television, books, magazines, newspapers, journals and so on. All these media can be censored if the government desires to do so. Censoring means hiding some information either by removing it, changing it with a falsified story, or by using some other way that puts people in the darkness about the event concerned.