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Censorship is a hindrance to education. Discuss.

Censorship is a broad term. It not only means the censoring of the movies but also that of all kinds of media which can communicate information to people. Such media would include the radio, television, books, magazines, newspapers, journals and so on. All these media can be censored if the government desires to do so. Censoring means hiding some information either by removing it, changing it with a falsified story, or by using some other way that puts people in the darkness about the event concerned.

Censorship means concealing something from the audience. However, that concealment can have both positive and negative impacts upon education. For example, censorship is done over the movies and documentaries to ensure that the content they depict is not offensive to the minors and children. This has positive impact, in fact. Because violence and sexually explicit contents are more likely to have negative consequences upon the children, censorship can be considered positive in this case.

However, sometimes the dictators and authoritative rulers can use the same tool to conceal their misdeeds. This might obscure the reality behind what had actually happened. This can thus, refrain the students from getting the true picture of those personalities who made such misconducts. Consequently, this can alter the lesson that the children learn from such events. This might, in some way, prove as hindrance to the education.

Similarly, censorship can be used to hide the historical events from the public. For example, no one could know for real who assassinated the Late King Birendra of Nepal along with his whole family. Rumours held that his son Dipendra, who himself died in the incident, masterminded the assassination. Other rumours rejected this idea and accused the rebellion party's, the United Communist Party of Nepal (UCPN) Maoist, leaders. Some even blamed that the then King Gyanendra Shah was involved in the incident. However, no one was sure about the real culprit. The public were the ones who were in much chaos and dilemma about the incident all because of the multiple and contradicting hearsays. Whatever the consequences and the events that ensued, the concerned people in the incident were successful to conceal the reality behind this assassination and everyone, at least the public, were kept in the dark about the reality of this incident. Such incidents can hinder people from learning the truth about the incident and thus prove to be the sources of hindrance for the people studying history.

Also censorship can prove to be hindrance to the right of the people to educate themselves about the reality behind haps and mishaps. For example, censorship can be used to control the flow of news and thus deprive people of their right to get true information. China can be a great example of censoring media. It even used to censor the search results provided by the search giant, Google. There was a remarkable controversy regarding this matter when Google once threatened to stop providing search facility citing the reasons that it was getting repeated hack-attempts from Chinese users who wanted to obtain uncensored information. However, it later continued to provide search results when China refused to stop censoring. Google's reason for continuing was the Chinese users would be worse-off if Google stopped its service completely in China.

In the end, the censorship becomes an effective tool to regulate the flow of information if the government can implement it strictly. Some of the times, it serves the purpose of not offending the audience. However, most of the times it helps the authorities to conceal truth which directly attacks a person's right to get the correct information. Therefore, censorship can become a hindrance to education in many cases.


  1. You have only two point throughout the essay saying; that censorship can hamper the education in history and that it can be effective if used efficiently. How do you expect to get good marks with this kind of essay? You should be ashamed of yourself for influencing viewers of this essay to write such shitty content in their exams. This is not your typical board exam where you get marks for the length of your essay then the content. For once go through the marking scheme and perhaps add a few more points or just stop posting idiotic essays online for cold hard cash you earn from the addvertisments.

    1. These essays are for reference, and getting ideas rather than just for copying. GP is a very encompassing subject that gives consideration to the attempts of students and their reasoning (or analytical) skills rather than factual content.

      You are unnecessarily too critical about it. For the students struggling for ideas to start an essay, this might help them find a perspective. That is my justification.

      Cold hard cash I earn is just a little bit more than the amount required to pay for the domain cost of mere $11 dollars per year! Thank you for your quick assumption!

  2. And the fucking comments are only visible after approval, talk about censorship. RETARD

    1. I am not censoring! I'm just filtering out the spams!


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