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"Learn to understand, not to secure marks." Discuss

Note: This post is not an essay but will help you brainstorm to write one.

The question is trying to distinguish between the two purposes of students while studying.

1) learning to understand the concept and
2) focusing on securing more marks in the exams.

Learning is a continuous and life long process which begins right from the birth of an individual. It can take several forms; however, we can classify them into two categories:

1) formal learning and
2) informal learning

Education is a formal way of learning whereas, experience, self study, and so on are the informal ways of learning.

Because of the importance of education in getting a job, many people have introduced a hack to the education system. Instead of learning to understand the concept, they have devised a system which helps them to secure good marks. Just because good marks are often correlated positively with job placement, the people who don’t like to work hard often seek a shortcut to secure marks. Rather than learning the concept, they learn how to secure good marks.

By securing higher marks, the students increase their chances of getting a job. Moreover, learning to secure better marks will help the students to complete a degree easily.

Similarly, the students who run after marks may be motivated by the fact that certificates are more important than the real skills and knowledge. Thus they may focus on mugging up, cheating, studying only the important notes, and other tactics which help them score better marks in the exams. In other words, such students would be completely exam-oriented and may never learn the true value of knowledge.

On the other hand, students who learn to understand something may be interested in the utility, application, and core essence of the knowledge so as to know why it is important and worth learning. For them, learning the concept is more important than having a degree with good grades.

A person who understand conceptual matters of certain field, has the possibility of doing something creative and useful for others as well as earn money and fame for himself. However, getting good grades only may not make you capable to achieve a similar success. Understanding has more value than securing marks can be proved more obviously by the importance of informal education and training which do not involve grading on the basis of performance.

The philosophy of securing good marks "anyhow" is based on the logic that the employers give due value to the certificates with good grades. Although such philosophy may seem to be temporarily beneficial, it's not a long term vision whatsoever. While landing a good job is one thing, keeping up the job is another thing. And climbing up the ladder of the posts and positions is yet another thing which counts much more in the life later. A person who has a not-so-attractive entry level job may, however, can keep on progressing with his career if he has given emphasis to understanding, sincerity and hard work. However, the same cannot be said about the person who had just run after marks during his/her student life.

Therefore, in the end, what matters is the persistent understanding and knowledge, rather than a evidence that you once studied something. So, you should learn to understand rather than securing marks only.


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