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Probable Questions for Oct/Nov 2013

The questions in the examinations are chosen randomly to make it difficult for us to predict. That is why it is a difficult task, and it is a matter of fact that no one can predict the questions for any examinations with certainty.

Guesswork does not need to be right, you may wonder. So, what’s the big deal here?

The deal is that there is no point in predicting the questions without some level of confidence. And because I am not actively involved in the GP’s academic activity (I am neither a student nor a teacher at present), I am obviously not much updated about what is happening in the GP world. Therefore, I lack the confidence even just to do some random guesswork.

This is the reason why I introduced a new practice of discussing about the probable questions from the students around the world. And I want to continue that practice in this session as well. So, I request you all to provide your opinions and guesses in the comments below.

Your predictions can be simply in the form of essay topics like "civil war in Afghanistan", or in the form of questions like, "What are the reasons behind the rise in the number of cancer patients?"

I begin by posting the question categories and a few topics/questions:

Historical, social, economic, political and philosophical topics.

  1. 'Women rights violation is still on the rise.' How far do you agree?
  2. What roles can the mass media play in creating awareness among the people in social issues?
  3. Employment is the most important factor of every economy. Do you agree?
  4. Who do you think will grab the next 'Nobel Peace Prize'?

Science, including its history, philosophy, general principles and applications; environmental issues; mathematical topics

  1. Will AIDS be completely curable?
  2. Will classrooms vanish in the near future?
  3. Cancer is emerging as the most dangerous disease. How far do you agree?
  4. What is the possibility of alternative energy sources, if fossils fuels get exhausted all of a sudden?
  5. 'Technological gadgets are making people busier than ever.' What is your view?

Literature and language, arts and crafts.

  1. Digital arts will eventually take over traditional arts. Do you agree?
  2. Which of the art forms do you like most?
  3. Which is the most impressive book you have ever read?
  4. How do the cultural changes affect the people of your country?
  5. The value of stage performance is decreasing because of the online media. Discuss.

Last time it was ineffective because I started it too late. However, this time I am doing it well ahead of time and therefore I hope it will be effective this time.


  1. Good titles of works)) I prefer the more philosophical topics

  2. it is nice indeed to show kindness...
    i want some more advice on how to use keywords in these topics and some sample answer if possible.
    thank you :P

    1. Dear Natasha, thank you for showing kindness and your query. You don't have to be that technical while writing GP essays. You can be much more flexible. In fact, you don't have to use keywords consciously.

      And about sample answers, you have plenty of sample essays in this site. Just learn to use the links and labels in the top and right side of this website. There are A-Graded sample essays right from the CIE board as well. So, search them out and read them. I guarantee that you'll not be disappointed!

  3. thank you my dear Prem...
    i've seen the other is indeed very useful
    Thank you!!!

    1. I'm glad to know that you've read out the other titles of this site!! :)

  4. and what about technology ???

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. I've added a couple of questions related to technology and will try to add more in the days to come!

  5. Dear prem, your website is very useful. Can you please give some ideas of writing the essay on 'Employment is the most important factor of every economy. Do you agree?' thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you very much Prem. yes it can be seen :)

    2. Dear yavinish, here's a full essay on the topic you've mentioned:

      Hope, it'll give you some ideas on that topic. It was easy for me to write an essay on it because I am from Management faculty. :)

  6. I guess this time there is a question from Cultural Change like "how does the cultural change affects the peoples of your country"

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I'll include your topic in the article.

  7. hello mr. prem can you give the model answers for these two essays..

    'Women rights violation is still on the rise.' How far do you agree?

    What roles can the mass media play in creating awareness among the people in social issues?

  8. Its more effective to acquire writing skills than to try to spot topics... after all ... the essay section is a test of one's thinking and writing skills...not merely how much content you can regurgitate... there will be at least 1 or 2 topics that a candidate can write don't worry too much about which topics will appear or not...

    1. Wise comment from you, when you said that essay tests writing skills and one's thinking skills. In fact, I never prepared for any topics when I took GP exams.

      But the students always seek some quick fix advice to do better in the exams. And because of huge demand I have to write posts like this.

  9. Hi, can u please tell me how u choose the correct question in exams?


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