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What are the factors determining the tourist location?

Note: This post is not an essay but will help you brainstorm to write one.

First and foremost, the place should have a source of attraction which can be a unique object, natural or cultural features like exciting scenery, mountain, cultural remains or buildings, and so on! Each touristic location needs to have some attracting element that will draw tourists towards it. For example, Dubai is famous for shopping; Chitwan National Park in Nepal for Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, and many other tropical flora and fauna; Lumbini as the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha; Agra for Taj Mahal; Mecca as the religious centre of Muslims; Paris for its art galleries and Eiffel Tower; and the list goes on.

Second, tourism is done for a purpose such as recreation, enjoying leisure, entertainment, work, knowledge or a necessity. There are many types of tourism based upon the purpose of visit of the tourists:

  • Medical Tourism

  • Sports Tourism

  • Agricultural Tourism (Agritourism)

  • Educational Tourism

  • Ecotourism

  • Sex Tourism

  • Cultural Tourism

  • Extreme Sports (Paragliding, Bunjee Jumping, Mountain Bike Racing, etc)

So, if there are any such facilities which fulfill any one of the purposes of tourism, then such place can become a tourist destination.

Similarly, another important feature is infrastructures. Road and transport facilities are essential for travelling. Hotel and lodges are necessary for accommodation of the tourists. Similarly, any other facilities that are necessary for the tourists are preferable, especially the facilities for communication, health services in case of any injuries and other problem, and other entertainment facilities like, camping, picnic, partying, dancing, and so on. Without such facilities the number of tourists visiting the spot will be low. Most of the destinations in the Europe and developed countries are touristic because of the presence of such physical facilities.

Next factor necessary for touristic location is peace and security! If there is no peace, harmony and security then people will not visit the place, of course except a handful of tourists, who are obsessed with thrilling and adventurous journey. For example, who would want to visit touristic locations in troublesome or war-prone countries like Somalia, Syria, Myanmar (Burma), Uganda, Afghanistan and so on? Perhaps, only a small number of people!

Moreover, it is not possible to enjoy the scenic beauty, adventure, new landforms, trekking, rafting, hiking, biking, and so on without the guarantee of peace. Therefore, peace is important factor necessary for tourism in any location. With peace and other infrastructures a simple place can be a tourist location as people can enjoy liberally and safely there.

Furthermore, advertisement also is the main factor necessary for a tourist location, as people need to know about the location at the first place, to visit it. Probably a touristic location is the one which is famous as a touristic location. In other words, it is the charisma or the image of the place that counts. Just imagine when you want to think to a touristic location. You recall it by its name and its popularity, rather than its real source/object of attraction, although some places are exception to this rule. In any way, knowledge in some form must be there among the tourists for them to decide whether they will go for tourism to a particular place or not. More often, tourists visit those locations which are advertised highly in the media as the information creates curiosity in them to see the place in the first hand with their own eyes. Less advertised or unadvertised places go almost unnoticed.

There could be many other factors.


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