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Employment is the most important factor of every economy. Do you agree?

From macroeconomic viewpoint, there are three important factors in an economy: national income, general price level, and employment. Although it is difficult to say which factor is the most important among them, there is no doubt that employment has a tremendous importance in the economy. Moreover, these factors are interdependent. Employment influences both general price level and national income. Ignoring the short term effect, the higher employment will result in a more stable general price level and more stable national income. Therefore, we can consider employment to be a very important factor of every economy.

'Time watching television is time wasted.' Is this a fair comment?

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one. Every human activities wastes ('passes' and 'elapses' are better words I think) our time. So, we should compare whether passing our time in a certain activity is worth it or not. In my opinion, the knowledge we gain from TV is worth the time it kills. In fact, TV saves our time because if you want to get the same information by reading a book or even listening to the radio, you need to spend more time. While you may argue that accumulating information by listening to the radio is almost same as watching TV, it, in fact, is not same whatsoever. The information you can perceive by watching a television is much more vivid and effective than listening to the radio. Therefore, actually TV saves our time if our purpose is to get information by watching the TV programmes.

Assess the role that music plays in your own life.

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one. (It is a personal essay. So, you can include your personal experiences, examples, and the like and write it in a personal tone.) Listening to music is a favorite thing for many people. For me too, it is a pleasant pastime. Apart from a pastime, I use it while I am doing other things as well. That way I find myself more innovative and less frustrated whenever I have to face new problems during my work. Therefore, music plays a great role in my own life.

Essay ideas on Generation Gap

Note: This essay is not in GP format but this will be helpful for you to write a GP essay related to this topic. Generation gap refers to the difference in the ways of thinking and perception in the people of two different generations which results in behavioral differences and sometimes, conflict among them. In other words, it is the difference in the thinking of the people of the older and younger generation which is generally connoted with the lack of understanding or misunderstanding between them.

'A good film should reflect real life.' To what extent do you agree?

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one. This question is relatively easy. You should write whether you agree with this statement or not. I would approach this essay like this: Reflecting real life is only one of the many possibilities for a good cinema. Depicting real life has its own appeal. Such films particularly raise socio-cultural and contextual issues of a given place at a given time. For instance, some films raise the issue of "civil war", some raise about rural life, others about poverty or some kinds of epidemics and pandemics, etc. Such films are necessary especially to create awareness among the people, portray the situation of a place to the whole country or world, and so on. Moreover, the viewers are more likely to empathize with such films.