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'A good film should reflect real life.' To what extent do you agree?

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one.

This question is relatively easy. You should write whether you agree with this statement or not. I would approach this essay like this:

Reflecting real life is only one of the many possibilities for a good cinema. Depicting real life has its own appeal. Such films particularly raise socio-cultural and contextual issues of a given place at a given time. For instance, some films raise the issue of "civil war", some raise about rural life, others about poverty or some kinds of epidemics and pandemics, etc. Such films are necessary especially to create awareness among the people, portray the situation of a place to the whole country or world, and so on. Moreover, the viewers are more likely to empathize with such films.

However, such films restrict our imagination and creativity. Having only one genre of "reality" will create boredom in the audience. In such a case, the imaginative films like science fiction movies, horror movies, purely fictional love stories, comedy movies, and the like are of greater importance.

The latter types of films help people to escape the boredom and monotony of real life, even if for a few hours. Moreover, such films are mainly made for entertainment and can thus entertain the people better. And a good film is that one, which entertains people the most.

Similarly, such films help the audience to become more imaginative and creative, by seeing the creativity presented in the films. This can help to foster innovation especially in the sector of science and technology. Science fiction movies are the examples of this. The imagination portrayed in some of the films of this category have indeed turned into reality some years or some decade hence. Therefore, such films can be entertaining as well as visionary. And are not such visionary films good?

Another category of unrealistic films (sometimes advertised as 'real life story') are horror films. The audience who enjoy this genre may not enjoy the "real life" genre. Or, more better, the enjoyment provided by this category of films may be lacking in the 'real life' category. Not making such films will disappoint the audience of such films. It will reduce their choice of movies unnecessarily. And if the films liked by the audience are good films, such films are as good as any other types of films. So, it is not necessary that a good film should reflect only the real life.

To sum up, there are more reasons to disagree with the view that "a good film should reflect real life". A good film can be made in any genre. Moreover, what is good and what is bad is largely relative. We cannot rigidly define what kind of films are good and which types are bad. If people's preferences are to be respected all the genres are equally good, interesting, and entertaining. Each category satisfy a different type of audiences' entertainment taste.


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