Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Assess the role that music plays in your own life.

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one.

(It is a personal essay. So, you can include your personal experiences, examples, and the like and write it in a personal tone.)

Listening to music is a favorite thing for many people. For me too, it is a pleasant pastime. Apart from a pastime, I use it while I am doing other things as well. That way I find myself more innovative and less frustrated whenever I have to face new problems during my work. Therefore, music plays a great role in my own life.

Music is a great way of recreation. In fact, it is the best way of rejuvenating ourselves. After a prolonged period of study or work, I listen to music to refresh myself. Had not there been music, we would have been missing a lot in our life.

It is a means of expression. I sometimes play various musical instruments like Guitar, piano, harmonium, etc and sing, especially when I am excited or feeling sad. Our feelings are easily expressed with the help of music. Expressing our feelings gives us mental relief. It is also a great way of avoiding depression.

Similarly, music is the friend of solitude and lone people. Especially, I feel solitary when I am hurt or when I have to face failure in my life. I was once been hurt when my girlfriend left me for a new boyfriend. At that time, I did not feel like talking to anyone. I felt the whole world stop before me and I was deeply upset. I then went to my room and started listening to the tragic songs from my mobile phone. This aspect of music is amazing. There are songs which sing about joy; there are songs which express sadness; there are songs which speak of tragedy, and there are songs which suit many other types of mood. I have used music according to my mood to soothe myself in such occasions.

Music is used in celebration. I have celebrated various occasions with the help of music. For example, I have celebrated my birthday with the "happy birthday to you” music. By the same token, music is used during parties and other kinds of celebrations.

Music is used in various religious and cultural functions. That too has deep impact in me. I pray to God early in the morning by singing along with traditional music. That makes me feel good and refreshed for the whole day. Apart from that, listening to such music creates peace in our mind and helps us fulfill our spiritual needs.

Music enhances or boosts up our creativity. I do paintings occasionally. When doing so, I find it difficult to move on with my work at times. But when I am listening to the music, I go to a different energy level in my work. My working speed as well as work quality increases and the strokes of my brushes become fluent and artistic. It is easy to tap that creative instinct with the help of music. Music has aided me not only in painting but also in doing other works like doing assignments, cooking, washing and similar works which do not need our conscious concentration. Also, the pain or burden of doing work eases when the work is accompanied by music.

All in all, music is really important to me. It is a friend when I’m alone; it enhances my creativity when I do creative works; it creates a pleasant environment when I do casual works of everyday life; it is used to soothe sadness, enjoy happiness and express our feelings; it is used in religious settings to intensify the effect of prayer; and it is a favorite pastime when I have nothing to do. Therefore, music plays a great role in my life.


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