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Essay ideas on Generation Gap

Note: This essay is not in GP format but this will be helpful for you to write a GP essay related to this topic.

Generation gap refers to the difference in the ways of thinking and perception in the people of two different generations which results in behavioral differences and sometimes, conflict among them. In other words, it is the difference in the thinking of the people of the older and younger generation which is generally connoted with the lack of understanding or misunderstanding between them.

The most common example of generation gap is seen in the family between parents and their children. It is not only because of the gap in age but also because of the way parents react to a particular situation. Children being very young and immature do not understand the way of thinking of their parents. In many cases, the parents, even if they are matured, do not empathize with the changing values and thinking pattern of the modern world. This creates a communication gap between these two generations.

Another main reason for generation gap between parents and children are parents themselves. They do not talk openly to their children and take part in solving their problems. That behavior makes the impression about parents as authoritative persons, in the mind of children, because they only dictate them to do one thing or the other without understanding the problems faced by their children. As a result, the children become mentally isolated from their parents. Some parents become too busy with their work that they don’t spend some quality time with their family which makes them completely unaware about how their children are growing, what kind of mentality is being developed, and so on? This ultimately creates a gap between them. They only realize it when it is too late.

Generation gap is also created in the family due to religious teachings where parents are very strict with the duties their kids have to follow. They steal their children’s confidence that does not let them develop and find their inner self. Kids usually reject their parent’s boundaries because parents do not take their feelings into account. This directly leads the child lying to their parents, and thinking about other ways of fulfilling their aims and desires, thus creating a generation gap.

Advancement in technology has lead to the generation gap in this modern world. Children tend to spend most of their time with their digital devices and busy with social media that they do not discuss their problems with their parents. The internet provides solutions to most of the worldly problems that children instead of contacting their own parents use the help of the internet in case of any problem, thus again reducing the communication and leading to a generation gap between them.

Generation gap occurs not only in between the parents and children but also between teachers and students. Students are likely to enjoy the classes of an open minded teacher, who shows mutual respect to his/her students. The teachers, who tend to keep their students under unnecessary strict disciplines and practice hard ways to make them obey his/her orders, are usually disliked by the students. This narrow minded thinking, especially seen in the teachers of older generation, eventually creates a gap between the students and teacher.

Similarly, the way the teachers behave and react to a particular situation, especially by taking unnecessary actions in case of clashes and other childlike activities of young students is another reason for creating generation gap. They restrict students for everything instead of understanding and explaining things positively to them. Another difference is the use of technology. Young teachers tend to use more digital devices in class for their lectures that has a good impact on the students. Students take more interest and participate actively in the class discussion. Whereas an old teacher has less frequent use of electronic devices that makes lectures boring, which is not enjoyed by the students and it instead, creates a gap between them.

In conclusion, I think the generation gap has been greatly increased these days because the time is changing fast and people find it difficult to cope up with this change. So, to overcome this problem parent or teachers must be close to their children. They should show interest in all their matters and deal with them positively instead of just scolding them and leaving them alone to deal with their problems. Giving time to the children, having open communication, and allowing the child to feel free and not in any kind of pressure, will eventually reduce the generation gaps to a tolerable extent.

Author: Manal Farooq

(Note from the editor/publisher: This is an open end essay which can provide you ideas to write an essay on the topic of generation gap. Here, the focus is given only to the generation gap between parents and children, and teachers and students. However, there can be generation gap among the teachers themselves, between father and mother, and between siblings. There can be gap between the employer and employees or among the employees also, in all types of organizations (governmental, business, non-for-profit non-governmental organizations, etc.) Thus, there are rooms for you to explore further in this topic.


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