Friday, October 11, 2013

'Time watching television is time wasted.' Is this a fair comment?

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one.

Every human activities wastes ('passes' and 'elapses' are better words I think) our time. So, we should compare whether passing our time in a certain activity is worth it or not. In my opinion, the knowledge we gain from TV is worth the time it kills. In fact, TV saves our time because if you want to get the same information by reading a book or even listening to the radio, you need to spend more time. While you may argue that accumulating information by listening to the radio is almost same as watching TV, it, in fact, is not same whatsoever. The information you can perceive by watching a television is much more vivid and effective than listening to the radio. Therefore, actually TV saves our time if our purpose is to get information by watching the TV programmes.

The programmes like news, documentaries, awareness related plays and serials and so on, can be very beneficial for the people. These kinds of programmes can help the society to combat its social evils like girls trafficking, human trafficking, gambling, drinking and smoking, taking drugs, and so on. Similarly, such programs can help to eradicate superstitious beliefs and unjust traditions from the society. Therefore, television can become a medium to bring constructive changes in the society.

Also, TV can be a better and faster way for the children to learn about the world. Since, visual aided learning is much more effective, the TV programmes are likely to have deeper impact upon children and their learning capacity. Therefore, programmes aimed at the growth and development of children can be very fruitful and rewarding.

However, the excessive commercialization of the Television can result in the broadcasting of fake or manipulated news, advertising of socially undesirable products, making controversial and biased programs, and the like, which can have serious negative impact upon society. In such a case, watching TV becomes not only wasteful but harmful as well. Therefore, if the government regulation is not robust and effective then Television can create a chaotic society instead of an intellectual society.

Also the worthless entertainment programmes can make people addicted to the TV. Such programmes just waste people's time because watching them is almost the same as not watching them in terms of the benefits we get from such programmes. Also, such programmes can even make people lazier as people get into the habits of watching them and reduce their physical activity and alertness. This kind of programmes should be avoided.

On the contrary, the entertainment programs watched for refreshment do not waste our time. Because we need some time for recreation, we can do it in any way we please. If we like to recreate ourselves by watching TV, then that is also a useful purpose served by Television. Such entertainment programs include watching films, comedy programs, watching the visuals of music, and so on. These programs are harmful only in the condition that people sacrifice the important events of their life and career in order to watch television.

To sum up, we can say that watching Television is not a mere waste of time as it has numerous benefits. Watching news, documentaries, and other useful programmes actually help us to learn new things very quickly and saves our time too. However, watching the entertainment programmes may make people addicted to the TV and thus waste time, which is again a relative concept. Therefore, we should be careful ourselves whether to utilize our time or waste it while watching television.


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  2. I enjoy TV, i like the show Spongebob :)

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