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Medical Dilemmas, issues of research and ethics

(Note: This article is just for essay ideas.) The medical cases where the possible alternatives are questionable can be termed as medical dilemmas. For example, a decision regarding whether to save the mother or the child when only one can be saved during a delivery is a simple example of medical dilemma. Whichever is chosen, one life has to be sacrificed. Another example of such a dilemma is euthanasia. To make a case on this, let us suppose a last stage cancer patient. She might be receiving treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but her death is almost certain although it can be postponed a bit further. Or let us suppose further that the doctor has declared her condition to be incurable. Cancer is a painful disease both for the patients and her caretaker. The patient is suffering badly and wants to die as soon as possible rather than to wait for the natural death suffering the pain.

Does modern business really care about the world’s environment?

The business perspectives and approaches have changed a lot in the past few decades. The traditional businesses had only one purpose; and that is to earn maximum profit from their business enterprise. However, the scenario has changed quite a lot in the past 100 years or so. The modern business however, has a newer approach and perspective in conducting their business activities. The new concept defines business entities as a member of the society which needs to discharge social responsibilities like human beings. Moreover, it has also raised more concern towards the green issues. Thus, we can anticipate that modern businesses do care about the world’s environment.