Saturday, December 14, 2013

Does modern business really care about the world’s environment?

The business perspectives and approaches have changed a lot in the past few decades. The traditional businesses had only one purpose; and that is to earn maximum profit from their business enterprise. However, the scenario has changed quite a lot in the past 100 years or so. The modern business however, has a newer approach and perspective in conducting their business activities. The new concept defines business entities as a member of the society which needs to discharge social responsibilities like human beings. Moreover, it has also raised more concern towards the green issues. Thus, we can anticipate that modern businesses do care about the world’s environment.

Today’s business organisations are required to discharge corporate social responsibility (CSR) and show accountability to the society and environment they operate in. This means that providing quality goods and services to the consumers only is not enough. They are expected to take proactive instances in the social and environmental issues of the world. The corporate houses have an obligation towards the society, for operating in the society.

As the major contributors to the global warming, the developed nations provide monetary compensation to the undeveloped nations for producing harmful emissions of carbon compounds well below the limit sanctioned. This process is popularly known as ‘carbon trading’. This can be regarded as a sort of acknowledgement of the harmful consequence of their activity by the modern corporate houses. The carbon trading has helped the underdeveloped nations economically to run environmental conservation programmes and have also inspired them to reduce their own carbon emissions to receive more financial reward.

The direct mixing of sewages and industrial wastes into the water bodies has been declared illegal in many nations. This has saved the life and habitat of many aquatic animals and plants. Similarly, the emissions of the factories are being neutralized before releasing them in the atmosphere. Similarly, other legal provisions have been made by the governments of many countries to make the modern businesses environmentally accountable

Some modern businesses have reduced or completely stopped using plastic for packaging their products which is a good initiation to protect the environment. Using the bio-degradable alternatives and recycling or re-using of the all plastic wastes will help to limit the production of non-degradable plastic waste that has long term impact in the environment.

On the contrary, all these are the theoretical concept which is practiced by only the limited number of corporations. The contribution of the majority of the business organizations is not satisfactory. Stricter legislation is required to make such organizations environmentally accountable.

Some organizations claim that they use the advanced pollution free technologies only to get the support of the environment conscious consumers and thus better market their products. Several corporations cheat on this matter by bribing the government officials, especially in the least developed and developing nations. Therefore, there are still many organizations which don’t care about the world’s environment.

World environment needs to be maintained well for us to ensure healthy living conditions for humans as well as animals. Organizational perspective has changed a lot and many organizations are taking proactive instances to protect the world environment. However, there are still many organizations which have not left the traditional practices and the profit-only motive. Yet, with the shift of trade and business into an IT driven globalized economy, we can expect that the modern business will be more and more environment-conscious in the days to come.

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