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The debate on Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the technology which allows us to isolate, implant and modify the genes of living organisms. It has a widespread utility on agriculture, especially in the way we cultivate crops. With this technology we can, for instance, take the genes from apple that makes them resistant to cold and insert it into tomatoes that will then grow better in the cold climate. Similarly, we can remove the reproductive capacity of the seeds of certain plant after the first generation. That makes the harvested seeds incapable of germinating and growing into a new plant. So, there are various implications, both positive and negative from the genetic engineering.

How far are minority groups treated fairly in your society?

I live in a Nepalese society which encompasses the people of several caste, creed, culture and religion living peacefully. Yet, there are significant challenges lying ahead of us in addressing the issues of several minority groups. There are about 22 untouchable groups, 60 indigenous inhabitants, gender based minority like the single women, various religious minorities, and sexual minorities like lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) groups. Providing fair and just treatment to these minorities remains a genuine issue in my society.

"The ultimate goal of education is to earn money." Discuss.

Education is meant for the all round development of a person in terms of knowledge, skills and wisdom. In other words, it tries to make people capable and independent. Since being self-dependent requires, among other things, some sort of income to support our life, in a way, education prepares people to take a job in order to earn some money. However, education is also about being wise, ethical, moral and leading a better quality of life. Therefore, we cannot conclude that the ultimate goal of education is to earn money.