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Probable Questions for May/June 2014

Owing to the pressing demand from students, I am giving continuity to the tradition of predicting questions for the GP exams this May/June session also. My predictions are in no way reliable. Many students have later complained that the predicted questions didn't appear in the GP exams. Hence, the disclaimer goes before anything else! These questions will not be asked at all in the CIE exams of GP this year. It will be a mere coincidence if any questions are asked from the list given below. Pun intended!

Can the world sustain our increasing dependence on electricity?

When you enter a departmental store the door opens automatically and once you are in, it closes automatically. When you get back to your home late at night, the bulb glows automatically. Water taps didn't require electricity to work until recently when the sensors replaced the manual job. Many physical tasks have been ascribed to electric machines. These kinds of automations are increasing along with the advancement of technology. The electricity, which powers these devices, has never been so much useful and demanding. However, can our world sustain this increasing dependence of ours on electricity?

Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation for your country.

The speed with which the world is shrinking nowadays in terms of communication of data and information is massive. The people now feel near to each other even if they are living far away in term of physical distance. This phenomenon, resulting mainly from the advancement in transportation and communication facilities, is known as globalization. However, its pros and cons are debatable, not least from the perspective of my country.

Newspapers are more concerned with profits than with the truth. Discuss this statement.

Newspaper is a print media concerned with publishing news events and important information. However, because newspapers are business organizations, majority of their decisions are directed by profit motive. Sometimes, this motive is so great that they prefer this motive to truth. Although unethical, majority of newspapers are driven by their concern for profits rather than exposing the truth in many of their decisions regarding, headlines, front page news, different sections and sub-sections and so on.

Assess the qualities to be found in a good advertisement.

Even though, it is difficult to assess the qualities necessary in a good advertisement, some qualities are better had than not. The advertisements differ based upon the media, such as textual and graphical advertisements used in newspaper and hoarding boards, and the audio/visual and animated advertisements used in radio, television and internet advertising. Even though different, they tend to have some qualities in common. Persuasive, aesthetic, interesting, and contemporary are some of the qualities that can be ascribed to the good advertisements.

Oct/Nov 2002 - Solution of Question #14

Q# 14 You are about to interview three applicants for the position of Assistant Curator at the National Art Gallery. One of these applicants must be appointed because the position needs to be filled immediately. Apart from the daily responsibility of taking groups of visitors of all ages and nationalities round the various collections of paintings and sculptures, the job also entails putting on displays and preparing promotional material, organising workshops in art appreciation for schools and societies and laying on programmes of lectures on specific topics for invited audiences.

Can the use of nuclear energy be justified?

Nuclear energy refers to the heat and electricity generated from the exothermic reaction known as the nuclear fission reaction. Its first successful use for energy generation dates back to 1950. However, since then there has been an ongoing debate about whether it is justifiable or not? The supporters of nuclear energy cite it as clean, reliable, renewable and alternative source of energy. However, opponents of nuclear energy generally cite safety issues and long term environmental concern mainly due to the radio-active nature of the elements used for nuclear power generation. The truth lies somewhere in between.

'Women rights violation is still on the rise.' How far do you agree?

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one. At a glance, it seems that the question is tilted towards the increasing women rights violation. But, you also have the option to not agree with this statement because the latter part, “how far do you agree?” gives you that flexibility. What you should understand is that there is no concrete answer in GP. If you say that ‘women rights violation is increasing’ with valid points to support your argument you are right. And again if you deny that statement and prove that women rights violation is not increasing, then also you are right.

Should a country allow all its citizens to possess guns?

For lowering the impact of crimes involving the guns, police officers respond to the situation as soon as possible. Although successful sometimes, more often they cannot prevent gun-aided murders. If we are being shot at, our first reaction would be to fire back and defend ourselves using weapons apropos to the situation, usually guns. Waiting for the cops to arrive and take control of the crime spot would be usually unfeasible. In the United States, every citizen has a constitutional right of self-defence. It is thus important for states of the US to pass concealed carry laws of owning guns by the citizens.

Oct/Nov 2003 - Solution of Question #14

General Paper 8001 Passage from the Exams in Oct/Nov 2003 Q#14 You have been asked to identify, from a group of four, the person with the best chance of succeeding in a television general knowledge quiz and have been provided with the information below. The Quiz: Participants compete on an individual basis rather than as members of a team. Participants may not consult anyone else during the course of the programme. There is a time limit on each question asked. The competition is broadcast live and takes place before a large audience. During the last five quiz programmes, questions have been asked on the following: current affairs (10%); geography, history & literature (20%); language (10%); the media (20%); science & technology (10%); sport (20%); miscellaneous (10%).

Assess the view that advertisements promise far more than they deliver.

In the current competitive world, we can see competition in everything and nowhere is this competition as fierce as in the field of business. To take edge in business, it is extremely essential to make compelling advertisements. They are the tools for business to communicate their product related information persuasively to the potential customers. Such commercials allure customers to purchase or consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Varieties of media like television, radio, cinema, magazine, newspapers, and the internet are used to deliver the advertisements. Advertising generally brings about positive response from the customers. However, the common question facing all advertisers is “will they be able to deliver what they have promised for in their advertisement?”