Sunday, February 16, 2014

Assess the qualities to be found in a good advertisement.

Even though, it is difficult to assess the qualities necessary in a good advertisement, some qualities are better had than not. The advertisements differ based upon the media, such as textual and graphical advertisements used in newspaper and hoarding boards, and the audio/visual and animated advertisements used in radio, television and internet advertising. Even though different, they tend to have some qualities in common. Persuasive, aesthetic, interesting, and contemporary are some of the qualities that can be ascribed to the good advertisements.

Persuasive means convincing. Any kind of advertisement should be persuasive, that is, it should convince the audience to buy the product or take the action prompted by it. The advertisement should convert the viewers into customers in commercial advertisements. In informative advertisements, like social awareness and campaign, the advertisement should induce people to take the action. To persuade customers is the main purpose of advertisement. Therefore, to fulfill their very core objectives, the advertisements must be persuasive.

Another quality, that almost all types of advertisement must have, is aesthetics. They should be attractive and eye-catching so that they capture the immediate attention of the viewers and arouse interest in them. The main purpose of advertisement is to persuade. However, that purpose cannot be accomplished without drawing the attention of the audience towards the advertisement. Generally good-looking models, famous film stars and celebrities are featured in the advertisements. Therefore, aesthetics and beauty are the essential qualities of a good advertisement.

While eye-catching advertisements become successful in drawing the attention of people for the first time, they cannot retain audience for long, especially if the advertisement is not interesting. Interesting advertisements also tend to lose charm or luster as they become old, or with time. Even in such cases, the interesting ads help to retain good faith and positive attitude of the viewers. Such ads touch the heart of people and win their will and mind. In the advertisement of “Good Knight”, a mosquito repellent liquid, an old man turns up with a photo and tells his old wife, “Look! What I have found! It’s our first anniversary photo!” However, the wife turns around and replies, “But the bet was placed to find a mosquito! Did you find that?” Such advertisements are very amusing and can achieve their objectives easily. In the end, interesting advertisements are the winners.

The advertisements should also be contemporary. They should reflect the current trends. The same ad cannot remain good forever. The ads also tend to lose their relevance with time since nothing is timeless. So, freshness with the spice of contemporary trend is a vital quality of a good advertisement.

The advertisement should be suitable according to the media. The best considered newspaper advertisement may become sloppy and boring if built using similar content for television. Similarly, television ads many not convert well to suit the print media. Moreover, the internet is changing the advertisement paradigm. Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Thousand Impression (CPMs), Flashy, and so many different types are advertisements are being made and used in the internet. Such advertisements may not be fit for other media, but they are changing the way people advertise in the World Wide Web.

To sum up, the qualities of good advertisements are many, including the ones discussed above. To make a successful advertisement, all these qualities are not necessary, however. Many advertisements have become successful, even with the combinations of only a few qualities. Whatever the combinations be, most of the good advertisements are based upon a very good concept which is executed well.

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