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Probable Questions for May/June 2014

Owing to the pressing demand from students, I am giving continuity to the tradition of predicting questions for the GP exams this May/June session also.

My predictions are in no way reliable. Many students have later complained that the predicted questions didn't appear in the GP exams. Hence, the disclaimer goes before anything else! These questions will not be asked at all in the CIE exams of GP this year. It will be a mere coincidence if any questions are asked from the list given below. Pun intended!

Keeping jokes aside, these essay questions can indeed be helpful for you to practice writing essays and thus become proficient at it. Apart from that, you will do some research to write essays on these topics. That will acquaint you with the knowledge which will be supportive to you in the actual examination. In a subtle way, even if you practice these questions you will have prepared yourself amply for the GP exams. In short, these questions will undoubtedly be helpful to you in many ways. In addition, I recommend you to consult syllabus to find more topics to prepare for exams.

The questions are categorized as usual under their respective headings. Also, I will keep updating the questions which I find really interesting and probable to be asked in the exams, making this an ongoing post.

Section 1: Historical, social, economic, political and philosophical topics.

  1. 'Politics is a dirty game.' Is this a fair comment?
  2. The importance of education is overstated. Do you agree?
  3. The war of twenty first century is the economic war. To what extent is this true?
  4. Are United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) attainable?
  5. What is the role of history in shaping the future of a country?

Section 2: Science, including its history, philosophy, general principles and applications; environmental issues; mathematical topics

  1. Can the use of biological weapons ever be justified?
  2. Which disease is more dangerous, AIDS or cancer?
  3. Can our over-reliance on technology be justified?
  4. How far is it safe to assert that genetic engineering possess no more threats to the biosphere under the present condition?
  5. 'The issues of climate change have subsided in the recent years.' Does this comment hold any truth?
  6. How far do you agree that mathematics is a perfect discipline?

Section 3: Literature and language, arts and crafts.

  1. What could be the reasons to conserve the language spoken by relatively few people?
  2. Compare the traditional and modern architecture.
  3. Films are only meant for entertainment. Discuss.
  4. Which genre of music do you like the most?
  5. Why do you think art is important?

Note: You can also contribute to make this post more resourceful by providing your own predictions, which I will publish here so that other students will benefit.


  1. Just taken the general exam today and prediction number 5 on section 3 was correct, wish I had paid more attention to this site as I briefly glanced in desperation the day before

    1. are u really sure? can u tell me which two questions did u attended?


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