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Can abortion ever be justified?

Entrenched as an ubiquitous phenomenon throughout the world, abortion- the premature expulsion of a fetus in the womb is now mounting in our present era. In fact, with modernization, abortion is becoming a culture the new generation is bringing as this therapy is therapeutic to myriad of women. Yet, this medical advancement has generated controversy surrounding the moral and legal status of abortion. Is there any valid reason to expunge a pregnancy willingly? Can this remedy be morally permissible?

Assess the pros and cons of capital punishment.

Crime rate is mounting daily but the nature of punishment in comparison to those of the past is becoming less grisly. Capital punishment, although remains an unscrupulous sanction to many optimists, seems a promising solution to restore equilibrium in the society. Consequently, numerous countries are embarking on this rewarding concept. However, the doubt still remains: is death penalty really a solution to deliver justice, or is it just a way to demonstrate the erosion of our moral values?

Can mathematics be fun, interesting and worthwhile?

Mathematics is the discipline which is concerned with numbers, calculations and so on. Because it involves working with numbers, calculators and computers, people think it is boring and not worth the time and effort we invest in it. The calculations are good only to fulfill the necessities of our daily lives and for the smooth operation of the financial transactions we engage in our day to day life. Beyond that mathematics has no useful purpose, let alone the idea of it being fun and interesting. This is the perception of majority of people. However, can this be the whole truth? Can there be people who enjoy mathematics? The answer is a resounding yes.

To what extent do you agree that emigration is a curse or blessing to a country?

Note: This post is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one. Emigration means migration of people from their native country to settle in another country. It is a blessing in the regard that: Population pressure decreases in the native country. Thus, the smaller population becomes easier to manage for the government there. Because the population density decreases to some extent, the problem of overpopulation like over-exploitation of resources, congested housings, increasing pollution, and so on are reduced to some extent.

How would you account for student unrest?

There was once a time when teachers and leaders were looked upon as role models by students and students thought twice before speaking before them. And now, as the world progresses, there is a change everywhere, including students behaviour. News flashes showing student protests for a recheck of annual papers bring in a feeling of a lack of trust in teachers and authorities, and worse, a fear of an unsafe tomorrow. Who should we charge for all this?

Essay Ideas on 'Sports and Money'

Sample essay questions which will be helped by this article: To what extent is sport being damaged by money? To what extent has drug-taking damaged the reputation of sport? (Drug taking is done to "win match at any cost" thus achieving monetary gain/prize and fame, which is again associated with earning more money. In sports and film line fame = money) Cases when sport is being damaged by money! True meaning of sports is being lost as it is now played for financial gain rather than for entertainment, physical fitness, or refreshing one’s mood. The players no longer play fairly. They try to win the match “by hook or by crook” (meaning win anyhow). All this is happening because of the greed of earning more money, and nothing else.

Do you agree that the primary purpose of the arts – whether painting, music, drama, or literature – is to entertain?

We come across, at least, some form of arts almost every day. We perceive them in different ways depending upon their types and basis for perception. We view paintings and sculptures, we listen to music, we watch drama, and we read literature. Why do we invest our time and effort, and thus engage ourselves, in such activities? When doing so, aren't we looking for some kind of ways to entertain ourselves? Indeed we are.

‘Violence is the only effective weapon available to the people who are oppressed.’ How far do you agree or disagree?

Violence refers to creating terror in people by using threats, weapons and so on in order to intimidate the people and thus force the government to fulfill certain demands. It is, thus, generally taken as the effective weapon, to make governments obey them, by the oppressed people. However, it is not the only alternative available to them. Peaceful revolutions, appeal to the international organizations and communities, garnering support from a powerful political party, or even forming one’s political party are among the effective alternatives at the disposal of the oppressed people.

How far should the state interfere with an individual’s right to smoke and drink alcohol?

Many states in the world try to control the smoking and drinking habits of their citizens. Citing various reasons like the health, waste of money, social welfare, and the like, they justify their interference. However, with the citizens becoming more educated and aware, shouldn't the state allow them to decide whether to smoke and drink? After all, if they are really conscious about their health, money and family they will practice self-discipline themselves. Therefore, I think the state should not interfere much with the people’s right to smoke and drink.