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Essay Ideas on 'Sports and Money'

Sample essay questions which will be helped by this article:
  • To what extent is sport being damaged by money?
  • To what extent has drug-taking damaged the reputation of sport? (Drug taking is done to "win match at any cost" thus achieving monetary gain/prize and fame, which is again associated with earning more money. In sports and film line fame = money)
Cases when sport is being damaged by money!

True meaning of sports is being lost as it is now played for financial gain rather than for entertainment, physical fitness, or refreshing one’s mood. The players no longer play fairly. They try to win the match “by hook or by crook” (meaning win anyhow). All this is happening because of the greed of earning more money, and nothing else.

Match-fixing means playing the match at a completely or partially predetermined result, going against the rule of match or playing. There are many reasons for match-fixing apart from the usual one known as betting or gambling. Sometimes, a team intentionally loses or scores low, in order to obtain perceived competitive advantage in the future (for example, earning a high draft pick, getting a weaker opponent in the next round of the tournament, etc). This process is known as tanking. Similarly, sometimes corrupt referee also involve in match-fixing in which they favour one team against another. There are many such unfair practices which exist in sports, most of which are motivated by financial gain. Thus, sport is truly damaging the sport.

Use of performance-enhancing drug is increasing these days. Performance-enhancing drugs refer to any substance taken to perform better athletically. Mainly the drugs like Benzedrine and anabolic steroid are used by the athletes and players to increase their performance. However, these drugs are banned by the organizations regulating sport competitions. They refer the use of banned drugs as “doping”, for which the alleged players have to pass the test known as “doping test”. However, many players have been found guilty of using such drugs through this test, in the past. This shows that the “win at any cost” principle has now become the “spirit of sport”.

Apart from unethical and illegal practices, because of the involvement of money factor, only those sports which bring in good income are being played. The sports which are unprofitable or have low financial gain like the athletics are being neglected. The money is concentrated upon the popular games like football, cricket, basketball and the like. Other sports are being overshadowed and ignored.

The cases when the sport is being helped by money!

Many players have now become professionals and have made a career exclusively on sports. As a result, there is no need for them to take another job to earn their living. This has helped them to focus only on sports and give their best in the matches. Thus, money has helped to improve the quality of sport and made the sporting events more competitive.

Money has made sporting equipment, facilities better which has helped to provide better playing environment for the players. This is also good news for the players, since they need comfortable environment to engage in sporting events which are mostly tiresome, or tedious.

Money has made sporting events as well as athletes more popular. The people now discuss about statistics like “the richest football club”, “the most expensive player”, “the richest player”, and so on. This in a way has increased the reputation of the sports as well as of the players.


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  2. Mr. Prem, it is a good essay; however, you are making too many generalisations.


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