Thursday, May 22, 2014

Overview of GP in Thirty Minutes - A PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint Presentation is designed to introduce General Paper and give its quick glimpse to the audience, mainly the students of GCE A Levels or H1 studying General Paper as one of their subjects. This presentation is useful for those who want to learn about GP in short time. The prospective students who are thinking to consider studying GP may also find this material interesting as it is very short, yet elaborate and to the point.

In short, GP has been presented differently and concisely in this presentation.

Here is the full presentation uploaded to slideshare:

The presentation covers the following topics:

  1. What is General Paper?
  2. Different GP Syllabuses
  3. International Syllabus
  4. Question Structure
  5. Marking Patterns
  6. Some Myths
  7. How to study?
  8. Study Materials for GP
  9. Content
  10. Language
  11. Mark Schemes
  12. Examiner Report
  13. Past Papers
  14. How to study for content?
  15. How to study for language?
  16. Vocabulary
  17. Vocabulary (cont’d...)
  18. What is GP essay?
  19. Composition of GP Essay
  20. Introduction Paragraph
  21. Conclusion Paragraph
  22. Composition of Paragraph
  23. Links to Sample A Graded Essays

This is a new try in my GP site and I think that this kind of content will be more interesting to the students rather than lengthy and monotonous posts. I hope to get your valuable opinions, suggestions and feedback, so that I will be able to lead myself and you in the right direction.

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