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Essay ideas on Conserving Mountains

Mountains like Mt Everest, Mt. K2, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Fuji, etc are the natural resources and property of this whole world. Although, mountains geographically belong to one country, they are equally important for the people of other countries. People who love mountains can go anywhere, to view them. Therefore, for the sake of whole world conserving mountains is extremely important.

First of all, the threats to the mountains come from global warming which melts the ice, the wastes which pollutes them, climate change that increases the landslides, explosion and glacial movement, etc. in the mountains. How we take up these challenges and deal with them is going to determine their ultimate destiny.

The most dangerous threat to the mountains is the melting of the snow caused by global warming. We pollute the environment which consequently causes global warming and which in turn results in the melting of the snow. Therefore, if we can reduce energy consumption and thus emit less carbon in the atmosphere we can help the mountains survive. From this perspective, anyone in the country can help to conserve the mountains and fulfill their responsibilities towards them. For example, villagers can contribute by using a wood efficient or modern firewood stove, and the city dwellers by using more efficient electrical appliances in their homes and offices. Similarly, the factories can also support the mountain promotion campaign by using environment friendly technologies to produce goods. Even an individual can try to save more resources by managing with few or less resources and become more careful in his activities to cut down the wastage and pollution. However, to effectively implement this strategy awareness and a will to conserve mountains should be there in every citizen.

The mountains are not only affected by global warming, but also by the waste matters left behind by the mountaineers. Such wastes include inorganic wastes like plastics, bottles, etc as well as organic wastes. Even the organic waste is a problem in the mountains since it doesn't decompose. Such wastes in course of time can take a form of a heap of waste thus damaging the allure and attraction of the mountains. One easy way to tackle this problem is to enforce laws to not leave behind the wastes in the mountains. Also the mountaineers should be made aware about this beforehand and thus can be asked to carry back the waste matters from there.

Another way to conserve or promote the mountains is to develop good infrastructures in the mountainous region and promote tourism. When tourism is promoted in such places the people will be inspired to keep the mountains more clean and attractive with the hope of attracting more tourists and thus to earn more money. Because money is a good source of motivation for people to work, this will drive people to be gentle towards the mountains and nature if their income is associated with it. This will help to provide employment to the people as well as make the country prosperous. Thus industrial economy can be substituted by the tourism economy which will be less harmful to the nature.


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