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Essay Ideas on Elderly Citizens (Ageism)

Although it depends upon various factors, generally the people above 60 can be regarded as senior citizens. They usually take retirement from their work at this age; nevertheless, they still can contribute a lot to the society in different ways. They can provide guidance and mentoring to the younger people. Therefore, they should be respected and cared well.

It is evident these days that ageism has heightened. The older people are either being neglected or not cared well in Nepalese society. A lot of older people share their bitter experience with grief and dismay. Similarly, some elderly people are taking shelter in “Old-age Homes” after being kicked out of their homes. These evidences make it clear that the current status of the elderly people is not satisfactory in our country. Thus, the relatives, offspring and the state should jointly initiate some activities to improve their present condition.

Even though nobody considers their usefulness, the elderly people are quite useful and can contribute a lot to us. Their advice is impeccable and priceless and their contribution in rearing and socializing the grand children is invaluable. Apart from this, they can give good consultations to their successors in their career. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take good care of them.

The relatives and offspring of the elderly people should take due care of them. They should provide them with nutritious food to eat, comfortable clothes to wear according to the seasons, and a comfortable room to live and take rest in.

In the same way, the society must build parks, libraries, religious sites, etc where the older people can get together, meet each other, and perform creative, entertaining and engaging tasks. We should create a pleasant environment for them so that they can spend their time easily and productively. Also, the ways to involve them in useful works should be sought so that they can live a busy life. Thus they can, once again, live with high esteem and self respect.

Lastly, the state must secure their rights in the constitution and punish those who violate their rights. It should provide free health services to them. Since, the older people fall sick more often, a law to make their regular checkups mandatory must be enforced.

In this way, we, the society, relatives and the state should care older people. If all the above mentioned activities are done then the older people will be physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally healthy, undoubtedly. Their position in the society will also be greatly improved. As a result, they will be able to live happily.

(Note: This article is not in A Level GP essay Format. The students are advised to get ideas only from this article to write GP essays on their own.)


  1. Maybe you cal include essay topics on how elders are treated by their in-house care providers. There's abuse going on there. And what's sadder is that the abuse occurs in the one place they feel truly safe. - Layce of write my essay.


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