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Essay Ideas on Travelling: Present vs Future

Moving from one place to another, for various reasons like tourism, business deals, migrating for new settlement, knowing about culture of people, etc. is known as travelling. It is constantly in a state of change in respect to means, purpose and so on over a period of time. Therefore, travelling today and travelling in the future can be compared and contrasted.

Travelling today is quite different from that of past and hence we can hope that it will continue to change in future too. Currently, people have various means to travel to different places. They use motorbike, car, bus, auto-rickshaw, etc for short to medium journeys such as within and in between cities. Similarly, they use trains, ships, and airplanes for longer journeys. These days it is possible to move to another country within a day and reach anywhere in the world in as few as two to three days. However, travelling in the future is quite uncertain; it can be as exciting as it can be shocking. There are as many possibilities as there are threats.

Anticipating the future considering the current pace of development and innovation there are many possibilities. One of them is the development of superfast magnetic trains which is rumoured to be very much faster yet more efficient as compared to the modern day ‘Express Trains’. Similarly, the scientists may possibly pave way up to the other planets in the space with their new discoveries. Also, they may even make ‘Time Travel’ possible; thus, enabling us to travel back and forth in the fourth dimension.

In contrast, people in the future may have to travel on foot – like the men did before the invention of automobiles – because of the complete depletion of fossil fuels. If new sources of energy is not discovered this situation is very likely. Another possibility is that the people may not find travelling as convenient as today because of the rapid change in the global climatic condition and its unfavourable consequences. For example, people may have difficulty with adapting to the new places; or they may probably have to fear of the Ultraviolet Rays (UV) of the sun to travel to new and unknown places.

Similarly, travelling can be juxtaposed between present and future in terms of purpose. While the prime motivation of travelling people in the past used to be leisure, at present it has expanded its scope. At present, advanced transportation means and globalisation has allowed people to travel to their faraway workplace regularly, conduct business deals globally, conducting researches in a bigger scale, etc. In future, this might change. With the evolution of advanced communication technology like video conferencing, internet and the like; people will be able to conduct business deals or meetings and complete their job responsibilities from the comfort of their own offices and homes respectively. So, again the purpose of travelling might return back to enjoying leisure only in the future.

Therefore, travelling won’t be the same as it is now in the future. In any way, and the reasons whatsoever, travelling will be quite different in the future although it cannot be anticipated with much accuracy how and to what degree or extent will it change.

(A “Comparison and Contrast” type of Essays)


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