Sunday, August 17, 2014

Essay Ideas on City vs Village Life

It is a matter of personal preference and convenience which determines whether people choose to live in city or village. However, both the lifestyle possesses some appeals and drawbacks, similarities and differences, and the like. In my opinion however, the town and country lives are becoming increasingly similar with the passage of time.

The fundamental difference between a city and a village is in terms of the availability of infrastructures. City life is characterized by the abundant availability of good infrastructures for health, education, transport, communication and so on. But the village life is generally known for its lack of physical facilities and good infrastructures. However, the scenario is changing these days and the basic infrastructures like road, electricity, etc have paved their way up to the village in many advanced countries thus physically connecting the villages with the cities and lighting them with the electricity. As a result, in the present context, the gap of the availability of physical facilities is in the verge of closing up.

While the appeals of city life are physical facilities, the appeal of Village life is natural and pollution free environment. The city environment is artificial and polluted. However, the pollution level is decreasing nowadays, as the industries and factories are being separated from the residential areas in the cities. Similarly, the concept of eco-friendly cities (also known as eco-cities) are being introduced and implemented. Tremendous efforts have been made to turn cities green. Nevertheless, the abundance of trams and vehicles in cities will keep causing some level of noise and air pollution there.

Town life is characterized by crowd and rush. A lot of people rushing towards their workplace or home in public transports, trains, subways, and the like is a norm of city life. Similarly, there's a big crowd in the supermarkets and shopping centers, especially during the shopping hours. However, in countryside the life is just opposite. There's no such crowd and rush. There are a lot of open spaces. Also there is no need to be in hurry, except for some circumstances.

Therefore there are many differences between village and city life. Yet, they are trying to incorporate the good features of each other, for example physical facilities and infrastructures are being built in villages, and parks and open spaces are built in cities. Moreover, cities are going green, for instance eco-cities. Thus, we can conclude that the gap between cities and villages is narrowing down.

(Note: An essay based on “Comparison and Contrast”)


  1. "Therefore there are many differences between village and city life. Yet, they are trying to incorporate the good features of each other.." City life and village life have more similarities than one cares to admit openly. I, for one, prefer city life but during my more-than-usual-frequent trips to the country side, I am beginning to see the similes. - Layce, provides tips on how to write an essay.

  2. This article highlights obvious things. Every acts according to its needs. Villages need physical facilities and infrastructures and it being built there. Greening is necessary for cities so government and community organizations acting in accordance with it. It's obvious. For coverage of this topic, I would characterized other criteria. - Mary from Australian team of essay writers